Vocabulary Units 1-7: English Words and Phrases

Unit 1:

at (@), attachment, blog, cursor, folder, hard drive, hashtag (#), icon, link, password, web browser, window, attach, click, close, cut, delete, download, drag, email, enter, install, open, paste, post, press, save, search, send, share, type, alarmed / alarming, amazed / amazing, amused / amusing, annoyed / annoying, astonished / astonishing, bored / boring, confused / confusing, disgusted / disgusting, embarrassed / embarrassing, entertained / entertaining, excited / exciting, frightened / frightening, interested / interesting, pleased / pleasing, shocked / shocking, surprised / surprising, worried / worrying, deal with, blow up, keep on, come out, turn into, make out

Unit 2:

a bandage, a (nose) bleed, a broken (arm), a bruised (leg), a burn, a cut, a scratch, a sore (neck), a sprained (ankle), a sting, a stitch , a sunburnt (back) / a sunburn, a swollen (foot), a wound / wounded (knee), painful
to bandage, to bleed, to break, to bruise, to burn, to cut, to hurt, to injure, to scratch, to sprain, to sting, accidentally, actually, angrily, anxiously, brightly, carefully, dangerously, desperately, fast, gently, hard, hardly, kindly, late, lately, nervously, quickly, quietly, respectfully, secretly, seriously, slowly, suddenly, tightly, totally, truly, unfortunately, unhappily, well, set out, get through, make up for, give up, run out of, pick up

Unit 3:

couple, ex-wife, great-grandmother, great-grandparents, half-sister, to get married, niece, nephew, siblings, sister-in-law, stepbrother, stepmother, to adopt, to date, to get divorced, to get engaged , to get married, advantage / disadvantage, agree / disagree, approve / disapprove, honest / dishonest, like / dislike, organised / disorganised, boyfriend / ex-boyfriend, wife / ex-wife, mature / immature, polite / impolite, possible / impossible, sane / insane, tolerant / intolerant, arrange / rearrange, marry / remarry, play / replay, fair / unfair, fortunately / unfortunately, sociable / unsociable, tidy / untidy, grow up, settle down, work out, put (somebody) up, stick to, bring up

Unit 4:

badminton court, boxing ring, diving board, golf course, ice rink, martial arts gym, race course, rugby pitch, running track, ski slope, box / boxer, coach / coach, compete / competitor, cycle / cyclist, dive / diver, ice skate / ice skater, jog / jogger, ski / skier, support / supporter, surf / surfer, swim / swimmer, accept –> acceptable, afford –> affordable, forget –> forgettable, recognise –> recognisable, believe –> unbelievable, forget –> unforgettable, act –> active, attract –> attractive, compete –> competitive, impress –> impressive, negate –> negative, incredible, positive, protect –> protective, cheer –> cheerful, help –> helpful, skill –> skilful, wonder –> wonderful, delice –> delicious, fame –> famous, marvel –> marvellous, precious, end up, take off, clear up, let down, put off, get over

Unit 5:

bootcut, buckle, button, collar, cuff, heel, hem, hood, laces, seam, sleeve, sole, turn-up, waist, dress (noun and verb), (get) dressed / undressed, fit, loose-fitting, well-dressed, headgear, headphones, headscarf, ice skates, money belt, necklaces, raincoat, shoe polish, smartphone, sunglasses, swimming trunks, swimsuit, tracksuit, underwear, wedding dress, wetsuit, clean-shaven, good-looking, high-heeled, long-haired, short-sleeved, tight-fitting, well-built, well-dressed, get on, come across, hand out, pick out, put away, dress up

Unit 6:

arrest (a thief), burgle, commit (a crime), escape, forge (a passport), hijack (a plane), kidnap, murder, receive (a fine, a prison sentence), rescue (a hostage), rob (a bank), steal, vandalise, witness (a murder), burglar, burglary, hijacker, hijacking, kidnapper, kidnapping, murder, murderer, robber, robbery, theft, thief, vandal, vandalism, accused of, ashamed of, accustomed to, duty to, based on, crime against, deal with, involved in, known as, ready for, respect for, responsible for, surprised at, work as / with, worried about, go on, take away, set up, put off, fight back, stand up for (sth / sb), get away, go back, put up with, shut down, take in, take up

Unit 7:

anti-social, drug addiction, ethnic diversity, extremist, gender equality, graffiti, homophobic, litter, noise pollution, non-violence, racial prejudice, racist, religious tolerance, sexism, sexist, sexual orientation

– do: chores, the dishes, everything, an exercise, your homework, housework, the laundry, nothing, the washing-upĀ – make: arrangements, breakfast, clothes, a comment, a cup of (tea/coffee), decisions, a fire, a joke, meals, a mess, a noise, plans, a suggestion