2He seems to be very lonely and selfish, he thinks that one has make his own way, without caring about that, first goes you and your life and your family. Selfish ( only thinking about family)- reputation of his family. Wife= she was from the landed gentry (increase his own social standing Sheila= his interest in her marriage stems from his desire to expand his business rather in his daughter’s happiness .Eric= Money and making him pay it back( semi-exploitation now worried about Eric´s moral implication in Eva’s death but about the possible scandal involved which would hinder his chances of getting the so longer for knighthood.  Doesn’t feel any responsibility to society as a whole.

Outlook in business:Profit not people hard headed practical man of business- no room for sentiment His idea of success is simply making money and ´´being respected´´

He doesn’t understand the importance of interaction and collaboration and need for all the members of society he’s proud of his own importance/status in society.

3She thinks that everybody, she doesn´t with fathers decisions and she defends that women should not be treated like that,equality,rights..

Sheila is represents changes and hope for the future, the triumph of youth over established society. She recognizes the injustices of society (Through her family’s actions against ´´EVA´´) and wants to see change. With this quote she expresses Priestley’s thoughts on the dignity of labour: As she voices at times Priestley´s outlook on life, in the end we see her a sympathetic character.  With the visit of of Goole she undergoes a kind of epiphany and goes on to recognize the importance of caring for fellow members of society even without knowing them because they do not belong to her social class) She recognizes the fact that one has a responsibility to others and one’s actions have consequences (find quote).As the plays progresses she finds herself at odds with her father´s outlook on society.

She feels remorse( guilt and shame) which is a prerequisite for healing and for change to take place  At the start of the play she could be considered to represent the vain (vanity) and spiteful facet to Britain’s “bright young thing”= upper class young people. This start emphasizes the learning process she undergoes as she admits honestly her share of responsibility.

4-Like Sheila he feels remorse (shame & guilt). he accepts his own responsibility in Eva´s demise along with that of others, (mention the responsibility of the family=the sackings and being turned away by the “charity” committee). One can see through Eric that Eva (working Class) has higher moral values than Eric (upper class) as she refuses to accept stolen money. Perhaps Eric could be considered to be a victim of his family ( reaction of Arthur to his son stealing money demonstrates a lack of thrust, love and understanding). (Black Sheep)= his lifestyle (open drink & promiscuity) do not conform to the image the family would like to project of respectability (although this respectability is hypocritical). He comes across as a sympathetic character because of his remorse despite the many shortcoming of his personality. His future appears to be less stable than that of Sheila.

5-I consider that the most responsible character is Mr Birling, firstly because she was the one that talks to her last, therefore she was the one more near and therefore the one that affected more directly to her suicide, on the other hand quite a large amount Women powerless to vote: Emily Pankhurst began the suffragette movement in 1903

2Women of Sheila and Mrs Birling´s condition simply learnt the skills of wifehood- the root of the good life was marrying the right man/Philanthropic movements, usually run by women, helped to ease the consciences of the privileged few. /The only path open to women in Eva Smith´s condition was prostitution – to avoid such an end commits suicide.

=An upper lower class marriage would have been scandalous.Men like Eric,Gerald and the like took advantage of lower class girls like Eva Smith.=Edna represents the social underdog-she must obey and agree with the Birling and never question them.

blame placed on her as she never shows any regret or guilt for her actions.

3was ruled by class division: upper class ruled most of Britain and earned most of the money.=The working class paid the price: little education, little or no sanitation, no dole( unemployment benefit); no National Health Service.

5  He portrayed a community with a noble, common purpose.-There was no individualism but  a great communal task