The slum

The Flophouse

Any man, hardworking and very economizer acquire wealth, to a friend of a blind black and feel increasingly thirst for wealth. Get confusion with a new neighbor (Miranda) to compete feet of earth. Enough to steal to build what both craved: a tenement with houses and tubs for valets. Thrived in their design. John envied your neighbor. Came to live at the home of Miranda, Henry, a medical student, to finish their studies. In this house, besides slaves and his family lived a gentleman parasite (Botelho, former employee). D. Estela (Miranda’s wife) went to “brushing” with Henry, but were eventually caught by Botelho.

The daily routine of life in the slum went according to routine and reality of its residents, where valets were the most common type. Jerome (Portuguese, tall, 35-40 years), was talking with John offering her services for its quarry. With cost, after enough of prose, John accepted the proposal, provided it live in the tenement and shop at your sale. The change of Jerome and Mercy ensued in the comments and whispers laundresses. After a few months they were gaining the full confidence of all, because they are sincere, serious and respectable. Had simple life and his daughter was studying in a boarding school. On Sunday all wear the best clothes and gather for dinner, dancing, cheering, all very comfortable. After three months Baiana Rita back. Excel at these meetings the “Wow”, very well represented by Bahia and her lover Firmo.

All that agility in dancing left Jerome admired to the point of losing a sleepless night thinking of the mulatto. Dove took these days to write letters. Henry entertained themselves look Leocadia, who in exchange for a rabbit to satisfy their desire physical (fuck) when they were caught by Bruno (her husband), who knocked on it and poured it into their home after making a hell of a scandal. Jerome has changed its habits, and fought with his increasingly aligned themselves mulatto by Rita. Firmo felt jealous. Florinda pregnant with Dominic (the sales clerk Joao), it was forced to marry or provide dowries.

It was that fuss around the tenement, no more talking in addition, Florinda was forced to flee their homes. Leonie (high-level prostitute) appears exaggeratedly ornamented with his goddaughter Juju, everyone wondered how much wealth, but no left side of their friendship. Leonie was very friendly with dove. Miranda was at the home of one party only! He had been awarded the title of Baron of Freixal Portuguese government. John asked herself for not having enjoyed the pleasures of life, leaving only the save. Faced with this injury, very bad mood and everything involved with all of the tenement. Did turn out on the street all the belongings of Marciana. He accused her of slut, ending it in jail.

The party was heating up and John Miranda received an invitation to go there, which made him even more reviled. Forró in the courtyard began, however ugly fight was fought between Jerome and Firmo. Barricade prevented the police come, the fire in December has raised great despair, it was a stampede, police injured (Jerome took a stab) and fell to finalize a huge chuva.João was called to testify, many of the tenement followed up the station, as in joint effort. Rita took care of the sick Jerome tirelessly day and night.

In the tenement nothing was said about the perpetrators and victims. Pity not bear to cry very unhappy and desperate for her husband injured. Firmo no longer went there, threatened by Joao be handed over to police. Pombinha dawned unwell due to the visit made the day before Leonie. This, as was his custom, atrancou dove into kisses and cuddles, it was also a prostitute, a lesbian. That left the traumatized child, who by force and insistence of his mother, went to circle behind the tenement, where dozed off, waking dream and became a woman.

The party was made by D. Isabel, on learning of long-awaited news. Pombinha was preparing her trousseau when Bruno came over and asked him to write a letter to Leocadia. He was crying … She, seeing the reaction of his submission, enjoyed his new sense of ownership of the female domain. Furtively imagined the life of everyone, for your Escrivania served as a confessional. Saw in his life that everything would continue, as there were no worthy men who deserve your love and respect. Dove, even if uncertain, marries the Coast, there was great commotion in the courtyard. Came a new tenement nearby, the “Cat Head”. The rivalry with slum Joao was created. Firmo stayed there, with even more reasons against Jerome. John met with his security over the guests, invested now in its visual culture, clothes, dances, readings and a friendship with Miranda and Botelho.

He and the old were plotting something with the baron’s daughter. There was a dinner at which John was all exaggeratedly ornamented. John auge in that moment of his life, he saw himself in a situation where I needed to get rid of black, come to think on your death. Without even stand after his discharge from the hospital, went to talk to Jerome and Ze Carlos Pataca about the extermination of the firm. The day ran, chat with John Zulmira in the window of the house of Miranda, feeling familiar. Jerome was to carry out his plan by meeting with the other two on Garnisé (bar opposite the cemetery).

Pataca entered the bar, bumped into Florinda, who found his and gave him news that his mother had stopped in a hospice. Firmo Pataca appears and makes out to the beach with Rita pretext of being there. Very stoned followed. There the three treteiros beat him and threw him overboard. It was raining hard and go home, Jerome gives up and goes to the home of Rita. The meeting was seething by both parties. Everything was resolved, they would run the next day. Pity, the hours wore on, the more desperate he became. At dawn the day crying and sobbing in the courtyard but nothing more was heard comments about the disappearance of Jerome.

The death of firms already rolled loose in the courtyard. Rita was with Jerome. He, dreaming start a new life, writes to the landlord immediately dismissing him from the job, and women consisting of happened to him and promising to pay only the college girl. Piety and Rita landed when they left the mulatta for change, the whole tenement and more people came, entered the fray. It was a tremendous uproar, just being a national contest (x Brazilian Portuguese).

Neither the police had the courage to enter without reinforcement. The cat’s head also entered the fray. The war is waged, the struggle of rival capoeiristas increased gradually when the fire burst on the 88th, bloodying the air. The cause was the same as before by a Machiavellian desire, the old woman considered a witch burned his house, which was burned and buried, laughing drunk with satisfaction. With all excitement, rose water on all sides and only put an end to the situation when firefighters as heroes, arrived. The old Liborio (beggar staying in a corner of the tenement) would escape amid the confusion, but John followed him.

Was the old eight bottles filled with notes of various values, such that John stole and fled, leaving the burning glow. Died at the Witch fire, the daughter of Augusta and Liborio and many wounded. For John the fire was seen as profit, because the courtyard was in the safe, making it expansion plans based on money the old beggar. Consequences of fire by Bruno ended up in hospital, where Leocadia was going to visit him so the reconciliation of both. The reforms have expanded to the warehouse and the changes in the style of John also reached a social level ever higher.

Fortified by the friendship with Miranda and her family, asked Zulmira’s hand in marriage. Bertoleza, broken and worn out from that life, he hoped his only shelter in their old age, nothing is mais.Jerônimo Brazilianize time. With all customs Bahia delighted to live happily with the mulatta Rita. Pity bleak sadness accustomed to drinking and began to receive visitors on Sunday his daughter (nine years), which soon captivated the whole tenement, confirmation by all as “Senhorinha. Finished by the misfortunes of life, Jerome and Mercy no more rancor guarding each other, both are estimated jointly owned and only daughter to look after. Jerome regretted it, but would not go back. Gave up drinking, too.

The slum no longer seemed the same, now shoes, bright and tidy all equally. The house also the landlord had not stayed behind in the reforms. Who stood out was Albino (washerman homosexual) with the fitting of your home. Life unfolded, new residents arrived. Have not read under red light at the door of the tenement Estalagem de Sao Romao, “but” Avenida São Romão. No longer did the “Choradinho” and “green cane”, the fashion was now forrobodó at home, and just one of those in the house of pain, Pity filled his face and Pataca is that you had company wanting to grab it then to hear their cries, but the rum had an effect (vomiting) and nothing happened.

Joao not preached his eyes thinking of what to do to end the Creole Bertoleza. Augustine (son of Augusta) had suffered an accident at the quarry, had been totally trashed. It was that desperation in the courtyard. Botelho was talking to John early on. Bertoleza the hearing, stood before about the situation and demanded their rights, discussed the issue and resolved nothing. John was annoyed and had the idea of sending her back to the owner offering this service to Botelho, who incidentally got him pay for what you paid. Around the restlessness and malaise of John and the store prospered Bertoleza wind saves in increasing the level of customers and goods.

His avenue was now frequented by people with possession thinner as tailors, laborers, artists, etc.. Florinda still in mourning for his mother Marciana, was involved with an agent now. Machona (Augusta) had broken his genius after the death of Augustine. Baby tidied suitor. Alexander was promoted to sergeant. Pombinha were added to Leonie and shot himself to the world. So much grief, D. Elizabeth (mother of Pombinha) died in a nursing home. Mercy received help from dove to survive, as estimated Senhorinha, despite knowing that the end of this poor little girl would be like yours.

Yet Pity was dumped and taking refuge in the Head Cat, who had become clearly a real Rio slum.There was a meeting at a bakery in Rua’s ombudsman, among the family of Miranda, Joao Botelho and they began to chat. In turn, towards the Largo São Francisco, and John Botelho chose to stay in town to talk about the end that would give the Creole. It was right, its owner would get it near the police. When that happened is, now that it is dead, spirited away, with the same knife that shelled and cleaned fish for John, his belly ripped Bertoleza overall. At that very moment Joao received a bachelor partner worthy of the commission abolitionist.