The prevention against health

Public Health: most of the ills of this society probocadas developed by lifestyle and environment. The most effective measures are education and health measures politicas.conclusiones of Alma Ata conference in 1978 to assess the primary care and reorient health Lavor. General Approach for Health: having an appropriate strategy for people to adopt healthy behavior act with specific groups following a proper strategy and an effective message. to work effectively must know the subject that we will try and to motivate the group. each individual must be motivated to change and the environment too.Touching All Points: Informational: message next to the group, relative to their experience, and their living conditions. Motivation: savings. Giving Instructions: tools and support needed to improve. Changes to the environment: bad companies out of common. Using actual messages: are those that leave their mark and induce a change in behavior. Carazteristicas all posts Similar to:Motivating talk about issues of concern, touch their emotions and use slogans that are repeated and lead to a group. Informativos: seeking concrete targets and instrullen use simple concepts of how to take action. Basic Standards for Developing a Health Message . 1 simple language and connecting with the receiver. 2nd education to forward specific and useful information. 3rd significant words, short phrases and slogans. 4th raisins and friendly mood. 5 th Post by various ways and channels. 6th message for a long time. 7th Infomacion that the public has accurate and participate. 8th healthy behavior, realistic and asrquible. 9 ยบ points ahead. 10 th message llamativocon shocking pictures.General Vision Methods of Health Education: One-way: not matched response message and reach a wide population. Vidireccional: message response and comes matched to a small group of people. Principal Health Methods: genetic endowment: genes and diseases we receive from our parents. environmental factor: environment modifies the health of individuals. nutritional factor: A good diet is essential to health.Occupational health: constitulle improved health. way of life may mean health problems. social psychology: no work can come to a depression, malnutrition. health care: health care for poor pordes catch an infection. demographic indicators of the health: factors that permitenevaluar, know and study the overall health of a determinadasociedad this is called Epidemiology. TBN, TBM, vegetative growth, TMI (number of deaths under one year / No. of live births in a year), life expectancy, PREVENTION INDICATORS MORVILIDAD X 100,000.

Health Risk phases:

those factors that break the barrier of health prevention can trigger a enferdad. risk groups: those groups of people who are predisposed to a health problem to carry out the practice of risk.Risk Practices: that activities that pose a health concern. Stages of Health Promotion: A set of actions to enhance health and prevent disease: Prevention, Care, Educate. Prevention: There are three types: primary prevention : measures to prevent any diseases. secondary prevention: measures to be undertaken for early detection. tertiary prevention:package of measures to improve the quality of a patient. Caring: the health field corresponds to the nursing assistant and patient care (psychological support feeding, medication, hygiene) always coordinated by medical and nursing staff. outside the hospital’s care was born by the patient and family there is also a possibility of a more personalizadapara people who need Socio. education lies with the family, health and schools. the educational intervention Procedure: Invertigo: the needs of the group know the Resources available to us in terms of manpower, materials and duration available.Define Objectives concerning the support to change unhealthy behavior and a certain time. Planning for Intervention: scheduling activities for the particular group act: to implement the planned activities. Evaluate the intervention: to assess whether objectives are met. self-management education: the ability to care for oneself, to enable the person to maintain or improve HEALTH ORGANIZATION prevent disease and seek help when needed. is influenced by the family, age, environment and disease. the self-management education: primary role of nursing assistant who must motivatepatient care whether consegue mismocon to be independent of the family and nursing staff. Promotion of health: health determinants are those factors that determine the health of the individual or a community is all intended training individuals to monitor their health determinants, and thereby improving.