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job unting is a synonym expression for job searx./seila [lives] in a beautiful seaside viyage,but s [was born] very far from te sea.s [spent] er xildood in a smay town in te pyrenees,were s [ad] lots of friends.wen seila [grew up],er parents [sent] er abroad,to dublin,to learn about te iris culture.tere,wile seila [was studying], s [decided] to stay a long period of time in ireland.and in an iris viyage is were seila [is] now./ow do we read te symbol @ wen we write an email address? at/give a synonym for junk mail.spam/ow do we cay te list of telepone subscribers and teir telepone numbers?directory//How do we call the place where we get new emails?

Inbox.//What’s the synonym for the bold expression?/”Send the order as I told you.” as requested./If you need a telephone number you don’t know, where do you search?/We [were having] dinner when Sally [called]. She [told] us that Beth, her daughter, [had passed] her driving test. Sally [was] really happy because she [had spent] a lot of money on driving lessons for Beth/What’s the name of the device used to measure the strength of magnetic fields? Magnetometer/One morning, Christine [woke up] early. The sun [was shining] and Tweetie, her little bird [was singing]. Christine [was] very excited, because it was the day of the big tennis match./In a cover letter, the complimentary close for Dear Sir or Madam is Yours faithfully/ What’s the device used to measure electrical potential, resistance, and current?Multimeter/This morning my exam results [came]. [I'd been expecting] them for the last week. I [knew] [I'd done] quite well, but I [was] still nervous as I [opened] the envelope./A piece of good advice regarding safety is ” Don’t work with wet equipment”/How do we call the movement of  electricity along a conductor that is measured in amperes.Current./Regarding safety, you should never use aluminium ladders

How do we call a device which converts mechanical energy into electrical energy?alternator/How do we call the component used to store electrical energy temporarily in an electric field? Capacitor/Electricity has been used in our lives since the 19th century/Marlon. “Hi Bruce. How are you? What [have you been doing] recently?”/Bruce. “Oh, hi Marlon! Well, I ['ve been studying] for my exams.”/Marlon. “That [sounds] boring!”/You can get cheaper electricity in France./How do we call the electrical device that transfers electrical energy between two or more circuits through electromagnetic induction? Transformer/In a cover letter, when you don’t know who the receiver is, the right salutation is Dear Sir or Madam/Tape measure:Tape that has the length of the meter and its divisions and serves to measure distances or lengths./Flathead screwdriver:It is a tool that is used to tighten and loosen screws and other elements of machines that require little tightening force and are usually of small diameter./Ammeter:It serves to measure the amps./Wire stripper:A wire stripper is a small handheld device that is used to strip the electrical insulation of electrical wires./Generador:An electric generator is any device capable of maintaining a difference in electrical potential between two of its points (called poles,terminals or terminals) transforming mechanical energy into electrical./Safety gloves:to protect the worker from all the risks that are obtained when handling the tools of the materials, the cutting edges, the metal shavings,the blows and other risks, the risks, the correct practices of hygiene and safety at work, for the Accident prevention./Non-conductive aislante material is necessary to work with electricity. Never service revisar mantener equipment  barefoot.descalzo.Don’t touch live connection points conectado vivo or you’ll get a shock. Some parts retain huge charges even if the power is off, discharge descargar these parts is very important./What’s the purpose of the text?to advise how to say safe/What do people need to wear when working with electricity? Rubber soled shoes

Which of the following is NOT dangerous to touch? The plug/Never service equipment barefoot/Rubber shoes are the best because rubber is non-conductiveCorrecta/You need to discharge/To apologise is to say that you are sorry for something that you did wrong.V/When we aren’t satisfied with a service or attention received, we complain In UK, the electrotechnical regulations are also known as “the regs”V/La respuesta correcta es: The initial certification of installation - EIC, To add or alter an existing installation – MEIWC, To confirm that the installation is in a satisfactory condition – EICR/The national standard in the United Kingdom for electrical installation and the safety of electrical wiring in domestic, commercial, industrial, and other buildings is known as BS 7671/If you join a Competent Person’s Scheme, you can self-certify certain types of building work, such as the electrical installation/The low voltage document.explains the legal and [administrative] matters of the [electrical] installations, as well as the [technical] aspects of the [facility]/La respuesta correcta es: Which is “Potentially Dangerous”? – C2, Which do we use when the safety of those using the installation may be at risk? – C2, Which do we use when the safety of those using the installation is at risk? - C1, Which indicates “Danger Present”? - C1//In case an earth fault occurs, a device stop the supply/The device must be checked every three months/During the test, the device switches off and then onDon’t worry if the supply isn’t stopped when the button T is – materials the company needs, supplier - person or company that provides what others need, delivery – distribution/BS 7671 prescribes that installations must be inspected, tested and report written/QuejaGood afternoon,I am writing to you in relation to a complaint you have with our contracted services, in which we made a completely new installation in your home.I am Jon Torres boss of the company and I would like to inform you that we will solve the problem without any cost on your part. Because it is a completely new installation we take care of the problem without any cost for you.I hope it is to your liking, greeting and thank you.

Carta de presentacion Dear sir: I refer to you in reference to the vacancy of an electrician, that your company needs to cover, as well as, submit my Curriculum Vitae to aspire to the vacancy of electrician in the company SPX Clyde Union Ltd.The formation that I have acquired during these years, added to my interest to continue forming myself and to develop professionally has provided me with the confidence and preparation to be able to collaborate effectively in the functions and responsibilities that the position demands.I hope to have the opportunity to talk to you with you in an interview to explain to you personally expose my knowledge and my desire to be part of your working group.I am at your disposal for any further information you may need.Best regards./PedidoDear Ms Sullivan,I am JonTorres technical chief in electrical and automatic installations of the company 2 Torres Gomez.I would like to contact the sales representative to place an order for material and I would like to make the next order: I need, 2 safety glasses, , 2 pair of dielectric gloves, and 2 pair of dielectric boots.I hope to hear from you as soon as possible.I would need it for next week, if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me.Your sincerely./Correo empleados.Good morning I would like to introduce myself and tell you that I`am Jon Torres the technical facilities electrical and automatic and I would like to inform you that staff must meet the standards of basic individual and collective safety.I would also like to tell you that we are going to perform new electrical installations and automatic and others are going to make reforms in the facilities to improve performance and security.I wanted to tell you that if you have any questions or queries do not hesitate to contact me, since I`ll be your entrusted.With nothing more to say I hope you like this experience and we are a great/

How do we call the document sent from a buyer to a seller?Purchase Order/PO/How do we call the document produced by the seller?invoice/The client must keep record of the completed electrical installation work. Those certificates should indicate the program of inspections and test results/EIC is the acronym for Electrical Installation certificate/MEIWC, Minor Electrical Installation Works Certificate only indicates that the installation is indicates that the new installation, alteration or addition is safe to use/Only EIC is issued for a new electrical installation. If in the electrical installation there is an alteration or addition, but with no new circuits, we may use EIC or MEIWC/The correct certification will be issued by a registered installer/EICR is a document issued for a new is an inspection on an existing electrical installation to identify any deficiencies.yes/If you own a business, the inspection and testing must be carried out every 10 at home the inspection is done every 10 years as well.yes/One of the main objectives of EICR is safety.yes/Once the inspection is over, the installation may be considered Satisfactory or unsatisfactory/EICR ensures that installations are safe and serviceable/More than 700 people die in Britain every year because of unsafe electrical installer has to notify all electrical the electrical work consists of the installation of a new circuit, or the addition or alteration to existing circuits, that work must be notified./Any electrician can certify their own electrician belonging to a registered competent person’s scheme is experienced and qualified to certify any electrical works.yes/The purchase order is sent by the buyer/If the PO includes many details, it will be effective.yes/The PO protects the seller in case the buyer doesn’t want to pay. It’s like a contract.yes/An invoice isn´t the same as a PO. The invoice is created by the seller/In an invoice, the day on which the payment has to be done is referred to as payment due dat/Choose the right one:How long is the piece?

If people talk to each other about a company because they like the business, that company is advertised by mouth of word/By measuring, monitoring and controlling energy use, we achieve:active energy efficiency/If we want to achieve energy savings, we must take into account:active and passive forms of energy efficiency/Jim, my workmate, went [past] the workbench to get some screwdrivers [out of] the tool box in the workshop/Digital multimeters are a little more expensive than analog ones.
To achieve energy efficiency in Brazil is more difficult than achieve it in France./The air compressor is the heaviest component in the workshop./To me, reading the voltmeter is easier than reading the magnetometer/A feature is a characteristic/A benefit is a profit/Barnes and Co. supplies the cheapest hand tools we can get for our workshop/If you [are] interested [in] buying a new machine [for] the workshop, read the technical specs [sheets] in detail. There you can find [the most important] information about the device, apart [from] its [efficiency]/A wire stripper is used for peeling the wire/If we reduce heat loss and use equipment requiring little energy, we achieve: passive energy efficiency/his KLS-1340A transformer is the best in the market/If you [work] on that machine, [be careful] with the program you introduce. The machine [is controlled] by a computer, but you can [solve] possible problems in the future by [training] an operator to control the machine/What does the bold expression mean?publicity makes your company known to the public/Passive energy efficiency is different from active energy efficiency/Using the magnetometer is more difficult than using the voltmeter/Datron Technology supplies the most silent air compressors we can get for our workshop/If we want to achieve energy savings, we must take into account:
active and passive forms of energy efficiency/If you [need] new equipment, [talk] to the supervisor. The money the firm can [spend] on power tools [is] not limited.
Can you give another word to indicate advantage or profit?