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You are the arts review writer for a magazine some way. Would you recommend the film? Why? Why not? Write your review.    THE LAST HUMAN 

A week ago, I was very lucky to be invited to watch Michael Johnson’s new movie. “The last human” which won’t be in cinema until next winter. The film is set in an imaginary planet in the year 2030 and both, reality and fiction, are beautifully mixed throughout the whole film. I was not expecting too much from it, due to the unpopularity with the general public of this director’s last two films. But I must admit, I fell in love with “The last human” in no time. 

The best points about the film are the plot and the characters. On the one hand, the plot is really interesting and unexpected, it definitely keeps you on the edge of your seat all the time. On the other hand, the main character shows intriguing and credible aspects of human behaviour, which makes him believable and easy to emphasize with. 

Regardless of the fact that this movie is a master piece, a few things could have been better. For instance, Joanna Grin, who plays the hero’s mum, appears two times on two nonsensical scenes. Nevertheless, her magnificent acting makes up for this negative point. Another forgivable mistake is the sometimes unbelievable make up the characters wore, as you can hardly expect a hero to be clean and look nice, after an interplanetary war. 

To put it briefly, “The last human” is truly suitable for everybody who wants to enjoy a nice story and be made to think about their own life. 

The editor of your college website has asked you to write a review of two films you have seen recently, saying which one would be most suitable for an end of course film night at your college and saying why you would not choose the other film. 

End of course film night: my recommendations. 

I have seen two films that I considered as possible candidates for our end of term film night: “Life before life” and “No More Midnight”. I enjoyed them both, but only one of them is right for our end of course film night, in my opinion. 

“Life before Life” has many merits but is not the best film for our particular purposes. It has had rave reviews partly because it stars Edwin Kamashila and the director, Sam Pickering, never fails to please the critics and audiences. The trouble is that the film is just too slow, particularly for a group of students at the end of the academic year. Over half the film involves intense discussions between Kamashila’s carácter, Rupert, and his girlfriend, Carrie. I won’t reveal whether they decide to stay together, but I fear the film would put many in our audience to sleep. 

“No More Midnight”, on the other hand, had me on the edge of my seat throughout. The cast are not as well known as Kamashila, but they do a great job of portraying the anxieties of a family waiting for news of a missing daughter. There’s tremendous suspense but a good dose of humour, too. This makes for a film which is both utterly involving and entertaining. 

I’m a fan of Pickering’s films and I liked “Life Before Life” but not nearly as much as “No More Midnight”. If we want to ensure that our audience can sit back, relax and forget about the exams, then this is definitely the film for us. Let’s keep “Life Before Life” for the beginning of next semester. 


I am a great fan of science fiction films, and although I know these particular films are now old, the original trilogy is so iconic that I don’t see how any set of the best DVDs ever could fail to include them. Of course, I’m talking about Star Wars. 

Who doesn’t know the plot? Evil Darth Vader is building the massive Death Star space station to help the Empire overcome the Rebel Alliance, which has been formed to fight back against tyranny. Vader captures Princess Leia, who has stolen tha plans to the Death Star and hidden them in the robot R2-D2, who is later bought by Luke Skywalker. Luke accidentally triggers a message put into the droid by Leia, asking for assistance. Luke later trains to be a Jedi and with his Friends sets out to crush the Empire. What follows is an action packed roller coaster, crammed with special effects and enthralling plot twists. 

The film has to be included in the set of DVDs because everything about it was fresh and new at the time, the special effects were totally spectacular and, amazingly, it still has the power to thrill the audience today. The music is instantly recognisable, and still sends a shiver down my spine. The characters are powerful and interesting and have made stars of some of the actors. The technical effects were well ahead of their time and have influenced many films since they were first seen on screens all over the world. 

Do you really think any set of “The best films ever” would be complete without this trilogy? 

Best Night So Far: Talent Show Review 

You probably think that Reach Cambridge students are classic old boring teenagers, but they’re NOT! The talent show that happened yesterday night, has revealed everyone’s secret gift. They were all great and all of us spent one of the best evenings at the summer camp.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      The opening act, was the supervisors singing “Don’t Stop Believing” from the TV series Glee, we do not recommend you to ask for a bis, because once was more than enough.   The second act and in our opinion the best of the night, was Momo, Victor, and Aya, dressed as monkeys dancing “’Single Ladies” by Beyonce (Victor’s Idol). It was breathtaking, nobody would stop laughing, I am sure we will all remember this, because it was epic. Later, the Canadian guys came up and played the piano and sang, they were all great, and Mat sang one of THE best songs, and he became the sex symbol of the camp.                                                                           After that, other strange performances came up: a girl twisted her arms all around her body, another one tried to sing a song from the little mermaid, the public thought at least for 5 minutes if they were supposed to laugh or not. Last but not least, was the most shocking performance of the night Dina showed her amazing voice, which was about to make everybody cry.                                                                                                        Overall, the Talent Show was legendary, we were able to laugh, but also be emotional. I believe no one is going to forget what happened yesterday, mostly because everyone filmed the performances, making great memories.

Your teacher wants you and your classmates to improve your critical thinking. She asks you to write a review of your favourite novel. 


Given the speed at which our lives goes by, few are those who have the opportunity to sit down and enjoy having a good time in peace and tranquility. I’m rarely among those “fortunate few” but when I do, I like nothing more tan to read my favourite trilogy: “The Selection”. 

Written by Kiera Cass, these books tell the story of America: an intelligent and young lady who belongs to the lower social castes and who wins a place to compete for the love of Prince Maxon and the opportunity to become next queen of Illea. The strength of the story lies in Maxon and America, two characters whose trajectory is marked by their learning of who they are and what true love is. I’m always pleasantly surprised by Cass’style. It’s so natural, warm and sincere that you get into the story to the point of sharing the skin, emotions and thoughts of America. 

What I dislike most are the striking twists in the plot. It’s true that with them Cass keeps us hooked on reading. However, most of them are unnecessary. I would only recommend them to those people who consider themselves as dreamers or hopeless romantics, since the rest of the world would find them somewhat childlike. 

So, if what you are looking for is a book which you can’t put down and which sends a shiver down your spine, don’t miss the chance to read this fabulous and delightful trilogy. 

 textbooks for their college courses: We’re interested in publishing reviews of any textbook you have used. both the positive and the negative features of the book. 


“Arithmetic for Adults” is a textbook that I used recently to teach a group of students who felt they needed to improve their basic numeracy skills. It covers the key skills of addition, subtraction, division and multiplication, and also deals with decimal and vulgar fractions and percentages. As the title indicates, it is aimed at adults and would not be appropriate for a primary class. 

On the whole, both my students and I found it an excellent book. The explanations are clear without being patronising and use examples from the adult’s rather than the child’s world. The illustrations are suitably grown up, with an attractive element of humour. Students are taken slowly and steadily through the material. There are plenty of tasks and revisión to consolidate the work that is covered. The book is supported by a website containing teaching notes and some additional practice tasks and tests. 

However, there are one or two aspects of the book that we had issues with. My students had difficulty with the section on decimal fractions, possibly because these were dealt with rather more superficially than the other topics in the book. As their teacher, I felt that they would have benefited from a rather slower approach at the beginning. I resorted to devising my own supplementary materials for those early lessons as I felt this helped them to gain confidence. 

All in all, however, I have Little hesitation in recommending this book for use with adult students who have not yet succeeded in mastering the basics of arithmetic. 

A website you use publishes reviews of art and history exhibitions around the world. Write a review of an exhibition you have recently visited.

 One of London’s most popular tourist attractions must surely be Madame Tussauds. This is a collection of wax models of well-known people from all walks of life, and it is understandably a favourite place for people to visit because it gives them the illusion they are meeting famous people. What’s more, they can take photographs of themselves standing next to their favourite pop star or footballer, for example. 

However, the attraction is over a hundred and fifty years old and is in need of improvement. Of course, the models are regularly updated, but the collection is housed in the same building that it has occupied for over a century. This building is far too small for the numbers of tourists who visit it daily. Walking around it is a frustrating experience as you cannot avoid being crushed and pushed by all other visitors trying to see the exhibits. Until the collection can be rehoused in more suitable premises, the number of visitors at any one time should be restricted so that people can enjoy the experience of a visit there. 

Another improvement would be to provide more information about the people represented there. Many of them are world famous, but it would be useful to have a thumb nail biography of each of them, explaining, for instance, which films they appeared in or what their main political achievements were. 

These two changes would make a visit to Madame Tussauds a much more enjoyable experience for tourists from all over the world. 

electronic gadgets that they are familiar with. Each review should discuss both positive and negative aspects of the gadget and should also suggest one way in which it could be improved. 


On the whole I love my tablet computer. I use it in many different ways: I check emails and go online when I’m away from my desktop; I use a maps application to help me find my way around an unfamiliar city; I watch TV; I play games on it; and best of all, I use it to chat to friends around the world. 

What I particularly value about my tablet is that it is so light. I carry it with me wherever go just in case I might need it. I’d never carry a much heavier laptop unless I was certain it was going to be worth the effort.

 In addition, I find my tablet a very convenient way of reading novels. When I go away, I don’t have to carry lots of books with me, I can just download another one whenever I need it, and it doesn’t even require external light. 

Inevitably there are one or two drawbacks to my tablet. For example, the battery has to be recharged more or less daily. Moreover, I sometimes feel I’m at the mercy of the tablet, because people can reach me by text or email all the time, and they often expect instant replies. 

The main scope for improvement, to my mind, would be in making the syncing of calendars and contacts between my tablet and other devices more foolproof. Several times I have had problems because of entries not being transferred to my main computer. 

“You went to a newly-opened restaurant with your family to celebrate your father’s 50th birthday. Based on the visit, write a review of the restaurant. 

The “Aquila Nera” restaurant 

The “Aquila Nera” is a newly-opened restaurant in the centre of town. It is also by far the best place for families and friends to spend a nice and quiet evening eating delicious home-made food. I had the opportunity to go there to celebrate my father’s birthday and I had a wonderful time. 

As you enter the place you are welcomed by a familiar and cosy atmosphere. The walls are made of stone, which gives the restaurant a vintage and traditional look, and there are just a few tables. There is some soft background music from the 80s and 90s. 

Regarding the food, they offer a variety of focaccia bread rolls as a starter, with tomato sauce, mozzarella, zucchini and almonds. They were my favourite part of the meal. The main course that I had consisted of pasta: gnocchi with different sauces. It tasted like heaven on earth. They also have desserts in the menú; I chose to have creme brulee. 

Slightly disappointing though, was the service. I had to wait twenty minutes for the dishes to arrive, as there were only two waitresses. However, I have to say in their defence, that both of them were very young, kind and friendly. 

Despite the long wait for the food, it was absolutely mouthwatering, and the atmosphere very pleasant. For this reason, I have no hesitation in recommending going to the “Aquila Nera” restaurant. Judging on the taste of the dishes, I would give it 5 stars!