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Rules: One person talks at a time, follow directions, don’t eat in class, don’t laugh at people in class, be helpful and responsible, cooperate with your teacher and classmates, dont chew gum in class, raise your hand and wait to speak, be nice. FIN

Whole Brain Teaching are techniques to capture the attention of students. I would use it especially after recess that students are upset to get them to concentrate. For example, the method ” Class-Yes ”, at any time I will say class and I will have to answer yes so I can see who is attentive through games. 1 class-yes, 2 teach-okay, 3 the five classroom rules, 4 the scoreaboard, 5 hand and eyes, 6 switch, 7 mirror. FIN

What should you know about our summer camps?
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to spend a few nights in the fresh air, with bonfires, tents, flashlights…?

Our summer camp is prepared for children from 8 to 12 years, has many outdoor games, every day new activities, such as launch into space, story telling, mad science lab, and much more!
The rates are 80 euros for members and 90 for non-members. Do not miss it, we’ll be waiting. FIN

To avoid situations of harassment in the classroom, it is important as a teacher to be an example by treating all students with respect and to have them present activities that condemn harassment.

– At the time when a student has already been harassed, some measures must be followed, such as immediately stopping the bullying, talking to the student in private, notifying the school and the parents, and being aware of the behavior of that student. FIN

Cyberbullying is a important problem in our country and society. The first problem is that many children don’t tell their parents when they are being cyberbullied by other children (in the social networks) because they are frightened. Secondly, the (cyber)bullied children have less self-esteem and they feel more vulnerable because the stalkers are cowards and go after the more weak person. To sum up, the (cyber)bullying is dangerous for children and young people because the feelings at that age are very sensitive FIN
(danger technologies) As the internet and digital technology become a bigger part of our lives, more of our data becomes publicly accessible.

It is dangerous to publish personal data on the Internet because it can

 lead to theft or identity theft, just as we endanger the right to privacy of third parties when we publish photos without their consent.

To sum up, every search you make, service you use, message you send and item you buy is part of your digital footprint. FIN

A (intercultural) society is one in which different cultures exist alongside each other. This cultural mixture results in a greater respect and tolerance for each person, as well as in a far more interesting and diverse society. That is why an education (intercultural) is important that is not based on stereotyping, producing an unfair-discrimination. A mono-ethnic-school is needed to favor intercultural-skills and to apply the hidden-curriculum, to get rid of misconceptions about ethnic diversity. FIN

Years ago, when I was in primary school I remember that during the (playground) while playing football with my classmates one of them got in my way making me fall and break my leg. The school had to call the ambulance because I could not get up off the ground. I was a week without going to school. I remember that the compañeros came to see me and brought me gifts. FIN
Some of the benefifs of board games for children are learn to win and lose, accept the rules, encourage socialization, increase communication skills, develop social skills, improve self-esteem
Disadvantages: you have to have time, they are totally face-to-face, high cost, the pieces can be lost

Disadvantages of using video games: they can create addiction, dependence and anxiety, some are extremely violent and cruel, favor isolation.

Advantages: encourage motivation, have great interactivity, facilitate attention to diversity

Advantages of outdoor games: children learn to live with their environment, prevent childhood obesity and stimulate creativity

Disadvantages: you don’t control the environment and you will not be able to avoid falls and scrapes. FIN

The book ”Charlie Cook’sFavourite Book” is suitable to be able to work with it in class in specific 4 grade. The activity chosen to carry out in the subject of English will be to play the hangman game with the vocabulary of the reading book, with the helph of the projector to facilitate the participation of the students by favoring the learning of vocabulary in a language other than the maternal, helps the imagination and of course the students will have fun learning. And all this will be collected in the worksheets

Pronunciation rules

1. The rule is CVC. A single vowel followed by a consonant in a final stressed syllable will have a short pronunciation.

2. The rule is CVC+E. A single vowel followed by a consonant + E in a final stressed syllable will have a long pronunciation.

3. This rule does refer to penultimate stressed syllable. A stressed single vowel will have a long pronunciation if it’s followed by a single consonant and it will have a short pronunciation if it’s followed by several consonants.

4. The rule is a vowel diagraph in a stressed syllable will have a long pronunciation in the first vowel.

5. The rule is a vowel followed by an R in a stressed syllable

Advertising aimed at children takes advantage of their ingenuity to sell products and services. First, a child will want, what he sees announced Secondly, the child will want to experience the same thing that the toy represents. To sum up, toys are classified into genres favoring the creation of stereotypes. While the toys of the children are shown as heroes, force power, the toys of the girls show them as docile, (recreating the domestic life and favoring a passive attitude against the aggressive on the part of the children.)

– Visual literacy is the ability to construct meaning from visual images. Visual literacy involves problem solving and critical thinking. Visual education makes students more resistant to manipulation by visualmeans.