keep track of – to continue to be informed or know about someone or something

to instigate – to provoke
cheery – in good spirits
a hollow attempt – an unsuccessful try
merely – simply, only
to assess – to evaluate
workforce – The people available for work in a particular area, firm, or industry.
put sth on hold – to postpone sth
to be entitled to – to have the right to
fall back on sth – do sth else after things have failed
Corporation – A business that is owned by many investors.
blurred vision – Unclear sight
feasible – possible, able to be done
to question sth – to doubt whether sth is true
abolish – to put an end to
Difference – makes no difference to
Mind – they had in mind
Held – was held in such high regard
Come – always come naturally to
Misinformed – to have been misinformed about
Event – unlikely event of her party winig
Let – not to let her children watch
illegal – make it illegal to drive
time – Tom had left on time
Thorough – to be a thorough revision of
Gradual – was a gradual rise in
consequence – was of no consequence
There is one person to …….I owe more than I can say – whom
It was the kind of accident for …………………..nobody was really to blame – which
……..leaves last should turn off the lights – whoever
Mary was late yesterday, ………was unusual for her. – which
At 6.00, ……..was an hour before the plane was due, thick fog descended – which
I don’t know ……….told you that, but they were wrong. – who
The first time I saw you was ………………….you answered the door. – when
Mrs Brown was the first owner …………………dog won three prizes in the same show. – whose
I’ve just spoken to Sally, ……………sends you her love – who
Midway throughtthe second half City scored the fourth goal, at…………… point United gave up – which
Any – to mention any of
Could – was sorry that he could not
Sight – los sight of
Matter – no matter how hard I
Across – comes across to his boss as
Reference – made no reference to
To – any objection to John’s joining
Resulted – illness resulted in this abandoning
Had – sooner had the tennis players gone
Off – would have to be put off
But – no choice but to
Rather – would rather not be
Eye – being in the public eye
On – insisted on speaking
From – apart from the lack
Worth – makes the album worth listening
Only – only was the hotel a long
High – was high time she left
Clearly – explain the main point clearly enough
Soon – as soon as we receive
Up – hadn’t put up
Caused – delay was caused by the
For – it weren’t for Sarah’s
Exception – With the exception of Leo came
Due- was due to start
Unaware – parents were unaware of
Commonly – as it’s commonly believed
Mood – in the mod to go
Else – somewhere else to
Failed – failed to realise the significance
Any – whas there any increase in
To keep track of – to have/not have information about what is happening or where somebody/something is
instigate – to cause; to start trouble
cheery – happy and optimistic
to cheer up – become happier
A hollow attempt(at): – not really trying to do sth
To set aside sth( the fact that) – to not consider something, because other things are more important
assess – to evaluate
workforce – The people available for work in a particular area, firm, or industry.
To be entitled to – to have the right to
fall back on – turn to sb/sth for help when other plans have failed
blurred vision – Unclear/blurred sight. (ROS Eyes)
feasible – possible, able to be done
to question sth – to have doubts about sth
abolish – to do away with/ put an end to
baffling – confusing
reliance – trust, confidence, dependence
recollection – memory
spring to life – to become suddenly alive or more alive. (ex. The party sprang to life after midnight.)
bring together – to join, gather
have an insight into sth – a clear understanding of what sth is like
endeavour – try hard to do or archive someting
dismantle – to take part
get hold of sth – …
trashy – of poor quality
patchy – not complete; good in some parts, but not in others
tune in – to pay attention
bind – to tie together
enhance – to improve
pin down – to understand or describe something exactly
provides a means to – provides a way to do sth
say sorry – apologise
go up – increase
go down – decrease
set up – establish
look at – examine
find out – discover
bring about – cause
put off – cancel
stand for – represent
leave out – omit
go against – oppose
get in touch with – contact
it’s about – it concerns
need to – require
get – obtain
place – venue/concert hall
put up – tolerate
deal with – handle
seem – appear
keep – retain
ring up – call
show up – arrive
let – permit
lots of/ a lot of – much/many
tons of – large quantities of/a number of
totally – completely
really/very – definitely
kids – children
I think – in my opinion
cheap – inexpensive
wrong – incorrect
Wishes – wishes he had written to
Time – It’s time we went
Being – not being able to
Touch – stayed in touch
High – high time you bought
I wish I ………. get a job abroad – could get
I wish I ………. so bad at sport – wasn’t
I wish I ………. lost my favourite scarf – hadn’t lost
Wish – I wish I could