1. How did a book become a turning point in Richard Ebright’s life?

Ans: Richard Ebright was interested in collecting butterflies. By the time he was in the second grade, he had collected all the twenty-five species of butterflies found around his home town. This would have been the end of his butterfly collecting. But at this point his mother got him a book called “The Travels of Moarch X’. This book told him about the migration of monarch butterflies to Central America. This book aroused his interest in Monarch butterflies and opened the world of science to him. This proved to be turning point in the life of young Richard Ebright. He began to raise Monarch butterflies in the basement of his home, and study them in different stage of their development.

2. How did his mother help him?

Ans: Richard Ebright’s mother helped him by encouraging his interest in learning. She took him on trips, bought him telescopes, microscopes, cameras, mounting materials and other equipments, and helped him in many other ways. If he did not have anything to do, she found things for him to learn. Even the book that became a turning point in his life was given to him by his mother. Hence, it can be said his mother played a crucial role in the making of the scientist.

3. What are the qualities that go into the making of a scientist?
Ans: The author mentions three qualities that go into the making of a scientist—a first-rate mind, curiosity, and the will to win for the right reasons. Richard Ebright was a very intelligent student. He was also a champion debater, a public speaker, a good canoeist and an expert photographer. He always gave that extra effort. He was competitive, but for the right reasons. From the first he had a driving curiosity along with a bright mind; and it was this curiosity that ultimately led him to his theory about cell life.

1. How can one become a scientist, an economist, a historian…? Does it simply involve reading many books on the subject? Does it involve observing, thinking and doing experiments?

Ans: Reading books is just one aspect of learning. This is an exercise in information gathering. It is how your brain processes the information that affects the degree of learning. The first and the foremost criteria to become a genius in one’s chosen field is to have great curiosity and unending hunger to discover more. Next criteria is a good sense of observation which helps you to correlate your findings with what you see or experience in the real world. Experiments are must to test your findings against possible variables and in real life situations. And last, but not the least criteria is an urge to work really hard on your area of interest.

7. Why did Lencho write a letter to god? Why did Lencho ask God for money?
 Ans– One day in heavy rainfall with snowfalls too, Lencho has lost all of his corns. Which he had cultivated on his cornfields. So he needs some help to sow his cornfields again and to live until the crops come back. Lencho asks God for money because he had lost everything and until the crop comes back he and his family will go hungry for the year.

9. When did Lencho receive the letter and what made him angry?
ans= On the following Sunday, Lencho got to post office a bit earlier than usual to ask for his letter and there was the postmaster itself who handed him the letter. When he used to open the letter, He got angry because he found only 70 pesos in place of 100 pesos.Letter To God Class 10 Important Questions CBSE 11. How did the employees help Lencho?
Ans – When the postmaster used to read the letter he found that very funny but also he gets serious about the matter later. He thought why not helping him, He used to discuss this matter with other employees in the post office and ask them to donate a little bit of money from their salary. So, after that everyone agreed to the postmaster and everyone donated some money from their salary. After that, he puts that money in a letter and handed over to Lencho.
12. How does the postmaster react to Lencho’s letter?
Ans –  When a postmaster used to read the letter. He found that very funny but also he got serious about that matter later. He was a funny man but also very helpful, so he decided to help Lencho on behalf of God.

13. What did Lencho write in his second letter?
Ans – Lencho had written in his second letter that “God I asked for a hundred pesos but you gave me only 70 pesos. So, I request you to please send me the rest of the pesos immediately. Since I need them very seriously but yes don’t send me the money through the mail because a post office employees are a bunch of crooks.