1. Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence.        1 Kit and Jen are meeting . 2 The London train leaves at 6:45 pm. 3 The Malaga train arrives al 11:30 . 4 I am visiting my grandmother

2. Add between three and five words to the second sentence so that it has the same meaning as the first sentence. Use the words in bold. 1 By the end of next week, my brother and I will have painted my house. 2 I havent gon to seville since I was eight years old. 3 John didnt use to go cycling when he was a child. 4 My sister has just left the party. 5 I am going to study psychology at university.

3. Join the sentences. Use relative pronouns. 1 This is a singer, who was born in germany 2This is a coat, that Paua wonts to buy 3 Here´s a restaurant that meet last week 4 Frank is a man, that i meet last week 5 Star Trek Into Darkness is a film wich my brother  

4. Rewrite the sentences. Use the words in bold.1(that)  this is the house that i was born in 2 (never) he had never visited Barcelona. 3 (been) i have been studing English for 6 years 4(departs) the london flight deport at 5(just) the flm has just finished

5. Rewrite the sentences in reported speech.1 suggest Ross suggesting going for dinner tonight 2 offer Emma offered to help me with my homework 3 remind my sister reminded me i had a dentist appointment this afternoon 4 order the teacher ordered the class to stop 5 warn the weather man warned that there´s has a storm coming

6. Complete the reported questions for each answer. 1 ‘Yes, I can come to the cinema,’ Tom said to Rachel. Rachel asked Tom if he could come to the cinema . 2 ‘I’m going to Geneva,’ Matt told Rafaella. Rafaella asked Matt where e was going . 3 ‘Yes, I like Beyoncé’s music,’ Christina told Elsa. Elsa asked Christina if she liked beyonce´s music. 4 ‘Yes, of course I’ll marry you!’ Gemma told Martin. Martin asked Gemma if she would marry him. . 5 ‘I come from Venezuela,’ Franco told Patrick. Patrick asked Franco where he came from

7. Rewrite the sentences. Use an affirmative or negative modal perfect 1 (could) you could have told me you were going to wear suit 2 (might) the might have gone aout for dinner 3 (must) tom must have been happy to see you. 4 (should) kim shouldnt have pointed ger palm… 5 (can) you cant have see Sian because…

8. Complete the second sentence so that it has the same meaning as the first sentence. 1 (allowed) You´re not allowed to walk on the grass. 2 (mustn’t) Students mustnt run in the corridors. 3 (been) Gemma has been living . 4 (may) The students’ results may have not arrived yet

9.Twitter was created by Jack Dorsey in March 2006 and (1) the side was launched in July that year. Twitter (2)is used by over 500 million peolpe now and (3) more than 340m tweets are written every day. (4) Twitter is used for conversations and sharing stories, but it also plays an important social and political role because (5) news stories are posted on the site, too. For example, news about the arrest of the 2013 Boston marathon bombing suspect (6) was tweeted by police . Also, Twitter (7) had been used by protesters from around the world to organize demonstrations. These events (8) have been the ‘Twitter revolutions’.

10. Complete same meaning. 1 The new product may be manufactured by Jordan´s and Co 2 Caroline offered John a lift to the station . 3 I’m going to have my house pointed next years 4 Stacey is going to go to. 5 The teacher had been spoking 6  We’ve not been to Germany before 

11. Complete same meaning Use the past simple perfect s. 1I didnt catch my train because I had woked late. 2 After he had visited Berlin, James decided to learn German. 3 The students went out to celebrate after they had finished their exams. 4 He has shute all the windows before he left the house.

12. Use the words in bold. 1 (had) After I had my breakfast, I went to college 2 (just) The students have just arrived at school 3 (already) Kim has already seen this film 4 (working) While I was working

13. Complete the dialogue. Use -ed or -ing. 1. such a frightening 2 imagine hoy worried 3quite surprised 4 and exhaustined 5 next exciting 6 quite annoyed to

14some meaning. 1 looked tempting 2 irritated because at the noise 3 were depressed 4 exhausted

15correct forms of vb. 1. doing a course 2. getting married 3. get fit 4. do housework 5. go back 6. dropped him 7. getting better 8. got good

16. definitions. 1. editor 2. baker bread 3. biologist studies 4. tourist holiday 5. begginer before 6 stranger know 7. cyclist 

17. sut, words 1 stressed/ relaxed 2. boring/ interesting 3 unsuitable/ violence 4 illiterate 5 disobedient 6 cosider myself 7 lights up 8 author of

18. bump into/ two-face/ stay at home/ dripp you off / made a fortune

19. im in the doghouse/ try to keep you cool/ im on a roll/ he was out at the blue/ and i have got something in common/ feeling unther de weather

20. asked amanda/ get married/ had problems/ turned their/ thim as 21. tom independient/ news disappointing/ sensitive/ is respectful to/ disobedient