1. Mary lives in Murcia.   2. I live in Patiño.   3. She doesn’t live in Madrid.   4. Do you live in Murcia? Yes, I do.   5. He often goes to the cinema.

6.He doesn’t go to the cinema every day.   7. ¿Does she live in Madrid? No, she doesn’t.    8. I always study at night.    9. Do you drink water every day? Yes, I do      10. I don’t study every day.


1. He is watching TV now.    2.They are eating apples.    3. You are writing e-mails.     4. The woman isn’t cooking at the moment.    5. You aren’t drinking water.

6. Are you doing your homework?     7.Is the girl dancing salsa?     8.Are they reading the newspaper?      9. Is your father sleeping?      10. My friends aren’t playing football


1.He watched TV yesterday.  2. They ate apples last week.    3.You wrote letters last night.     4. The woman didn’t cook.      5. You didn’t drink water.

6. Did you do your homework?     7. Did the girl dance salsa?     8. Did they read the newspaper?     9. Did your father sleep last night?                                     

10. My friends didn’t play football.


1. I’ll go with you tomorrow.    2. I won’t come back until Saturday.    3. Will you come to my party next Friday?      4. She won’t apologize.

5. We will go to England next year.     6. Will you love him for ever?     7. I won’t be at home tomorrow.      8. Will you pass English?

9. Will we go to the concerte         10. You won’t come back.


1. We’re going to play tennis next Saturday.   2. Are Alice and Ella going to stay in London for more than a week?

3. Noah is going to wash the dishes after the party.     4. Wendy is going to visit a friend in the evening.

5. The company is going to increase sales this year.     6. My parents are not going to travel in the summer.

7. Are you going to publish your novel this year?      8. Mel is going to see a play at the theater tonight.

9. Jack is going to prepare for the test.        10. I still don’t know what clothes I’m going to wear for the party tonight.


In the future, it is expected that the patient will enter a cabin for a few minutes, where

a highly computerized machine will obtain all the information on the internal morphology of

their organs, as well as information on biochemical analysis.


R: Hi, you are talking with Carlota the receptionist of the hospital of Parla.

P: Hello Carlota, I have an appointment with my family doctor.

R: Right, can you say your name and surname please?

P: Of course, my name is Maria Gomez and I am 20 years old and I have an

appointment with the doctor to see my arm.

R:Okey, what do you need?

P: And when I have the appointment? Because i´m very afraid of my arm.

R: You have to come on Monday at ten o’clock in the morning. But don´t worry,

be calm.

P:No, because it hurts a lot and I can’t stand it until Monday. Couldn´t I see my

doctor now?

R: Mmm…Well I passed the phone to the doctor to try to help you.

P: Thank you so much.

M: Hello Maria what happens to you that Carlota has told me that you are very

afraid because your arm hurts a lot.

P: Yes, it hurts a lot.

M: But what happened to you? have you fallen or hit yourself with something

or felt like it suddenly started to hurt?

P:Yes, I felt pain when hitting a shot playing tennis.

M: Right come tomorrow, I have an appointment at 9 o’clock to be able to do

an X-ray of your arm.

P: Okey perfect

M: Can you tell me your email address?

M: Can you repeat please?

P: yes of course

M: I don’t understand, can you spell the email, please?


Lidia Reyes Ovejero, Carlota Sanchez Ostolaza, Maria Gomez 2

P: M-A-R-I-A-G-O-M-E-Z-1-0- at-email

M:Okey goodbye Maria

P: Goodbye

Se acaba la llamada

M: carlota tomorrow I have an appointment with Maria at 9 o’clock.

P: Well very good.


E: Hello Maria,  do you know who is coming to the show tonight?

M: Yes of course, is one of the best football player in the world right now.

E: Give a warm welcome to VINICIUS!!!!!!

A ( Vini Jr): Hello , good night Elena and Maria, what´s up.

M: We want you to start the interview by introducing yourself to those people who don’t know you.

E: Who is Vinicius?

A:  Okay, for those of you who don’t know me, I’m Vinicius Jr, a footballer from Real Madrid and the Brazilian football team. I was born in Rio de Janeiro on July 12, 2000, so I’m 22 years old.

M: When did you start  playing football and how often did you train?

A: The truth Maria that since I have consciousness I remember me with a ball in my feet, playing with my friends and then already starting in the futsal and following then in the categories of football 11 in the school of Flamengo, until today and what remains…

E: Which player is your biggest rival?

A: I like to say that my biggest rival is myself, I like to self-motivate and strive every day to give the best of me to my team, teammates and fans.

M: Did it cost you a lot to get here? Tell us about your childhood.

A: Well, I come from a country where there are very few resources and in my mind I was always taking every opportunity to make my family proud of me. But with effort and work I have been able to get here and I am very grateful to the people who supported me.

E: For not being a football player, you would have liked to devote?

A: I´m not sure about that because in my mind I was always dreaming of becoming a footballer.

M: How do you relax after a match?

A: I spend a lot of time with my family and my friends at home or discover Madrid of course.

E: What football players do you admire and why?

A: -Obviously I admire Cristiano Ronaldo, a gorgeous legend of Real Madrid and my compatriot Neymar JR.

M: It was a pleasure talking to you tonight.

E: We hope you come back soon and we want to see you  more years on the football field.

A: Thank you for the invitation, see you soon.

M: A big round of applause for Vinicius.

E: Good night everyone and see you tomorrow at 9.00 pm like all the days at this channel.


M:Hi, Suri 

S: Hi, Maria, how’s it going?

M: Not bad / ok 

S: Oh this is my friend Liuxi. She is in my class

L: Hi, Suri

S: Hi, I want you to meet Maria 

M: Hi, my name is Maria 

L: Hi Maria, nice to meet you. We can meet the next week to have a meal

S and M: Ok , see you