1. There are many incentives There are many incentives You can offer/ To help motivate people/ And each has different effects/ Some of the most commonly used/ Include recognition, money/ Health and family benefits and insurance/ There tends however/ To be a dividing line/ Between incentives that are financial/ And those that are not/  2. Sewing Sewing buttons onto clothing/ Becomes very easy/ Once you get the hang of it/ You will use a needle and thread and either scissors or a knife/ Demonstrations of how to sew buttons correctly are shown/ within instructional videos on the internet/ 3.The them of photographyTh e theme of photography/ Competition is beauty and the beast/ To enter take a photograph of/ Something in its natural environmental/ It could be wildlife in your local park/ An insect on a plant or an unusual/ Creature in an urban setting/ 4. Vitamin C Vitamin C is usually found in/ Fruits and vegetables/ It is thought to help protect against cold and flu/ It is necessary for growth/ Development and repair of all body tissues/ It is involved in many body functions/ Specially the immune system/ 5. Painting Painting a self-portrait is a good way/ To learn the technique/ Do a sketch first/ Look into a mirror and study your features/ Hold your head steady/ While you are drawing/ Start with the eyes and work outwards/ Compare the proportions / and measure carefully/6. Yoga yoga is an ancient form of exercise/ it involves stretchingwhichstrengthens/ The muscles in addition the complex/ Breathing exercises increase/ the circulation of oxygen in the body Practicing yoga regularly/ not only reduces stress levels/ it can also improve/ your quality of sleep/ 7. If you enjoy looking at paintingIf you enjoy looking at paintings/ But cannot afford the high prices/ Which come with buying original works of art/ There is an alternative/ Posters are inexpensive to buy/ You can choose from old advertisements/ Classic album covers/ And reproductions of well-known film posters/ 8. The goverment announcedThe government announced today/ That it will increase funding to developing countries/ In particular/ More money will be made available/ To construct schools for girls/ They will focus on increasing young women’s confidence/ And training them/ To set up their own businesses/ This initiative has been welcomed by local politicians/

9.The meaning of fameThe meaning of fame/ has changed considerably in modern times/ celebrities are constantly under the spot light/ their movements are followed/ reported in the world’s media/ and they get photographed/ going shopping and on holiday/ it seems that if you choose/ to have a public life/ you lose your privacy/ 10. Fans of computer gamesFans of computer games/ Waited for hours to get/ Their hands on the latest video game/ It is expected to be the biggest selling title/ In video game history/ With sales of more than/ 1.5 (one point five) million predicted/

For the first day of sales. 11. The gardens  Gardens The gardens are a world heritage/ You can discover over fifty thousand plants there/ There is also seed bank/ Which preserves plant seeds/ You can take part in/ Many interactive activities/ On a visit to the gardens/ Including exhibitions/ Talks tours and short courses/ 12. The rock is a large sandstone The rock is a large sandstone formation (in the middle of the desert) / It has natural attractions / such as water holes / and (great) historical significance / because of ancient paintings / found within the caves. / Another feature is the changing of colours/ As the sunlight strikes the rock/ at different times throughout the day. 13. Sad Michael is an action movie“Sad Michael” is an action movie. The character was based on a real person in New York whose friends called him by this name. The movie got mixed reviews from the critics.

However, it was a box office success and received three Academy Awards. 14 This publication sets out This publication sets out the latest research into how the internet is used to support people who are over sixty-five. The writers also clearly explain the systems, themes and social situations

that can allow this group to benefit from it. 15. The number of People in BritainThe number of people in Britain / choosing to carry out voluntary work / is on the increase. / A large number of these volunteers are people who / have recently retired and now find themselves / with plenty of free time. / Accordingly, they are happy to spend time / helping others and improving their community 16. As recently as seven years ago As recently as seven years ago/ a significant number of Canadian teenagers in the higher age group/ were not pursuing a formal education/ although the percentage is varied between regions. / general, it was felt that the figure fell bellow/ the average of other developed countries.

17. Internet bullying The government announced today That it will put millions of dollars Into fighting internet bullying An activity which affects the lives of teenagers Across the world. New education programs in schools and colleges, Will show young people how to protect themselves While they are online. 18. Healthy eating A healthy balanced diet Contains a variety of foods/ Including plenty of fruit and vegetables/ energy foods/ such as meat, fish, eggs and lentils/ and other products such as milk/ it should also be low in/ fat, salt and sugar. 19. Its is obvius to all but scepticalIt is obvious to all but the sceptical That the need to develop alternatives to … fuels Is increasingly urgent Whether de solution turns out To be solar power wind farms Or something else will depend partly on local conditions But ultimately on economics. 20. Technology can help parentsTechnology can help parents/ Get more involved in their child education/ For instance they can visit the class website/ And see what projects their child/ Is currently working on./ Get in touch with teachers .Using email or even check their child attendance and grades.21.People in CanadaAs recently as 7 years ago a significant number of Canadian teenagers in the higher age group were not pursuing a formal education although the percentage is varied between regions. In general, it was felt that the figure sells below the average of other developed countries.          22.Today marks                                  Today marks the firts day of Spring Fashion Week, a key event in the city’s calendar. it brings a packed programe of parades throughout town. For the first time retailers will showcase their collections for the upcoming seasons in the city’s lanes and warehouse spaces.                                      23.Village markets                          Village markets are common thoughout the United Kingdom. Attraccions include the selling of local produce and competions for the best fruit or vegetables or tradicional English dances. It is one of the best ways to experience genuine village life.