1. According to Dr. Carlsson, what were the main causes of global warming?C) Transport, industry, agriculture and the use of fossil fuels.
 2. What happened at the scientists’ meeting in Stockholm? b) Dr. Carlsson was taken away by some men dressed in black.
 3. What characteristics made Fiona the best agent in the agency? c) Options a) and d) together are correct.
4. Why did Harris think that the hot area wasn’t the result of global warming? b) Because this phenomenon appeared in a very short period of time.
 5. Underline the synonyms of become extinct: a) Die out b) Disappear
 6. Choose the things that can melt: b) Ice and cheese
 7. Finish this sentence: A stopwatch is used to a) control someone’s time when running.
 8. A nuclear bomb is a weapon.. not a gun
1. What did Fiona use the autotranslator for? d) To get the translation of what she hears and make herself understood. 
2. Why did Tanat decide to watch at night? a) Because all his dogs appeared dead the night before.
 3. Why did Tanat leave Fiona on the mountain? d) Because he wanted to take rain equipment to go on.
 4. Choose the synonym of “release”: c) Free. 
5.Drag the words to the gaps in this text: Fiona found a giant egg-shaped thing inside a cave on top of the mountain thad opened like a flower and was *red hot. She *took a photo of it and saw a message when she zoomed In. Thanks to her auto-translator she knew the message said: help me

1. Dr. Nilsson m c) Is a scientist in Dr. Carlsson’s company. 
2. Dr. Nilsson recognized the capsules and explained Fiona how they worked: The gas they use is very delicate and can help air temperature. This gas is stored in the capsules which are sealed afterwards. The capsules open when a remote lower They let cool… the gas into the open out release down the world. – the Earth’s button is pressed. and that’s how they try to 
3. Why did Fiona go to Australia? b) The numbers in the photo she took at the cave were GPS coordinates of Perth (Australia)..
4. When do we get an image of the rooftops of a city? b) When we search a place on Google satellite maps. 
5. Where was Fiona staying in Australia? a) At a surf hostel
 6. Did Fiona break into the house she wanted to visit? a) Yes, the doors were locked and she cut a window glass.
 7. What signs of someone living there did she find in the house? c) A mattress, food containers and empty water bottles.
1. Fiona looked for another clue in the house and found it: a) Behind a socket.
 2. When she was being chased, she lost: b) a, cand dare correct.
3. Why could Fiona be in trouble with her agency? c) Because she had caused a lot of expenses. 
4. Why did Dr. Carlsson agree to work for Luiz Silva? M b) Otherwise Luiz would kill his family.
 5. Why did Fiona fly to Singapore? a) She wanted to show Dr. Nilsson the memory stick.
1. Fiona and Dr Nilsson met first at a bar  and later at a library Festaurant laboratory 
2. Did Fiona trust Dr. Nilsson all the time? c) Not really, she didn’t like to see her nervous and sweating.
 3. How did Dr. Nilsson find the secret laboratory in the desert? b) With powerful satellites her company had access to.
 4. How did Fiona and Dr. Nilsson enter the lab? c) Fiona paralyzed the patrolling men and they both used these men’s cards. 
5. What happened to Fiona when Luiz appeared?. b) She was paralyzed with her own stun gun and brought into a room for a conversation with Luiz when she woke up.

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2. Dr. Nilsson was a traitor. Why? b) She was more interested in money than in science.
3. How did Luiz try to make Dr. Carlsson reveal his password?.C ) He had caught his family. 
4. Fiona freed her hands  C. A painful dislocation of her thumbs.
5.What is to update? A. To give someone the latest news
6. Who ended in prison? a) Both b and care right
ejercicios libro:
1.1.The girl tied/2. And slowly disappeared/3.The brave man/4.I ran quickly/5.The map useful/6,Elegant suits
3.1.The sciencits true/2.Dr Carlsson false/3.Some men false/4.Harris knew true/5.Fiona didn´t false/6.Harris knew there was true
4.1.The boy: fell asleep/2.The spies: agreed/3.The lady:took out/4.The photographer: zoomed/5.The driver: noticed/6.The man: Remembered
5. A. Tanat agreed to take Fiona=2 / B.Fiona found some tiny=6 / C.Fiona went into=4 / D.Tanat told Fiona that=1 / E.Fiona found a giant=5 / F.Fiona climbed the mountain= 3
6.1.She was pressed for time, so she only drank half her coffee / 2.The kitchen is on the ground floor and my bedroom…. my bedroom is upstairs / 3. We hacked into the computer because we didn´t… / 4. I had nothing to read, so I had a quickly look / 5.The student carries all his books  in his backpack
7.1. Moustache: a / 2.Bullet: a / 3.Businessman: b / 4.Pocket: b
8. 1.There´s a girl up here!: Dr Nilsson one of the kidnappers/ 2. Hey, where´s the bike?: the hostal manager / 3.How much do you want for it?: Fiona / 4. Please act quickly before it´s too late!: Dr Carlsson / 5. I need to see those formulas and calculations: Fiona
9.1.A giraffe wild / 2.Pocket old fashioned / 3. Aerial photos show / 4.A lot of blood / 5.Meet at a row / 6. My friend joined
10.1. These are to… : b.memory sticks  / 2. It´s a pretty: b. the desert / 3.He had seen them observing: b. luiz silva / 4. He had a black beard: c.Dr Carlsson / 5.He tied  Edith´s hands: c. the guard