What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a celebrity?

Being a celebrity in this society is cool, however this has both positive and negative points.

On the one hand, being a celebrity has aspects in favor, for example, you have a luxurious life and you can have whatever you want. Besides, you are admired by many people who are usually your fans. This makes you be a role model for society.

On the other hand, being famous also implies drawbacks, such as not having any privacy because the mass media follow you everywhere. Moreover, you always have to put a smile on your face when you may be sad or tired. Also, if you have a particular opinion about something, you have to think twice if you can express it in front of public.

To sum up, being celebrity can be amazing but, in my opinion, it has may disadvantages and I would not like to be famous.

In your opinion, what are the advantages of multilingual education?

Nowadays, many schools are becoming multilingual since this type of education has a lot of advantages for children. Having this education makes you know more than one language.

The most important advantage to have a multilingual education is that you have more possibilities to find a great job in your country or abroad because now to work it is very important to know more than one language and you can communicate with other people. Moreover, as you know another language you can meet people from another country and know different cultures since you have more opportunities to travel. Also, you are more open-minded, you will have and accept more things, and you have more possibilities to learn new things because you train your brain.

In conclusion, I believe that multilingual education is beneficial for everybody for the many reasons that I have explained above.

Problems of unemployment among young people in Spain.

Nowadays, many people in the society have not work, this causes unemployment problems because they have travel to other countries to look for work or stay at home without making money.

On the one hand, if you travel to other countries to find work you can have difficulties to communicate because you do not know well the language of the place. Moreover, in the new place there is a different culture, for example, food, personality, religion, etc. Also, you are far from your family and friends and you can miss them.

On the other hand, if you stay at home you will have disadvantages because you will not make money and you can not buy food and anything. But, also, there are advantages as study new things to work on other thing and can making money.

In conclusion, being employment have many problems, the society would have to resolve this and do more work places.

What are advantages and disadvantages of living abroad after you finish your studies?

Nowadays, many young graduates leave their country to look for a job with better conditions, and this has disadvantages and advantages.

On the one hand, going to another country to wok has some negative aspects. First of all, you can have difficulties to communicate because you do not know well the language of the place. Another drawback is the cultural differences, for example, the food, personality, religion, education and so on. Also, you are far from your family and you car miss them.

On the other hand, going to another place has a lot of benefits too. Among others, you get know a new culture, you meet new people and you live new experiences. Moreover, you have a better lifestyle because you have a good job and a good salary.

In conclusion, going in abroad t olive bring a lot of problems at first, but later you will be happy with your new life.

What problems do refugees face nowadays?

These days, refugees have a lot of severe problems when there one wars in their country, and they are forced to emigrate to another country.

First of all, the most important problem is that they have not got anything as food, accommodation, wok, etc. Furthermore, usually, they are not well accepted in the new country┬┤s society because of the cultural differences: religion, customs, personality, meals and so on.

In addition, as we have said before these problems are caused by the difficult civil situation in their own country, for example Siria. This slate makes them feel down and depressed since they have left their hometown, their friends, families and job. Apart from this, now, they have to adapt themselves to the new customs of the country.

To sum up, it is clear that refugees find many problems when they get to a new place and we should help them as much as we can.

I am addicted to new technology

Nowadays, technology is really used worldwide because it is very essential in our society. I believe that I am very addicted to my smartphone because of many reasons.

First of all, I think so this since I use my phone to chat with my friends every day, to upload many pictures and see the ones of other people. Moreover, I also think that I only do these things for entertainment but people should meet people and speak with them face to face

However, from my point of view, I also take my phone continuously for a good purpose: to search information for my studies and to read news about the world.

To sum up, in my opinion, we are too addicted to the most fashionable technology and this is not good. Instead, we should go out and socialize with others more often.