Account Assignment Valuated sales & Separate sales Accounting / Profit Center  Profit contribution & Return on capital Accrual Target equals actual & 2-Percentage // When you accrue-dependent.. &When you accrue activity-independent Activity Allocatiion / System The cost element is derived & The allocation amount is Activity-Based  Business process & Cost center/activity Assesment Cycle –They use a secondary cost element during transfer & They transfer primary and secondary costs.
Autom. Acount Asignm. TA: GGB1 & TA: OKB9 
CO-PA ACDOCA & A cost splitting profile // Operating concern currency / 2-Company code currency CO-PA / Costing Sheet Condition class & Calculation type CO-PA / HANA / Ledger Billing &Goods Issue CO-PA / Operating Concern Operating Concern Currency & Fiscal year variant CO-PA / Valuation Strategy Record Type & Point of valuation
Controlling Area Operational Chart of accounts & Fiscal year variant // To store different plan data & To store actual-plan variance
Cost Allocation To run simple allocations of actual data & To correct secondary postings Cost Center The line item values are validated against the original document &The line item needs a reference to an FI document Cost Center / Profit Center Append node… & Reassign a cost centerCost Estimates A new status..& A future standard // Costing version & Costing variant Cost Object Cost object heriarchy & Product cost collector // Valuation variant & Costing type // Work in process // Variance calculation Cost Of Sales It presents the cost and reveneus… & It aims to match reveneues Costing Run Current cost & Standard cost.. costing Sheet As percentage rate & AS equivalence numbre Costing Type Price updates &Save with date key Cross-Application Manual entry, manual allocation & Manual entry, no allocation
Distribution when you need to transfer secondary & when you want …expenses
HANA The type..& Costing based profitability // Transfer of GL &  Manual entry of data // -It uses core data services (CDS)… & It is part of the core SAP S/4HANA license  // It can be overwritten…& It can be defined for… costs type // Primary costs with G/L account & Secondary costs with G/L account  // Use separate ledgers for each valuation. &  Use separate CO versions for each valuation. HANA / Capture Costs All primary and secondary.. elements& Primary and secondary…ledger accounts HANA / Cost Object Use separate ledgers for each valuation & Use separate accounts for each valuation. HANA / Profit Center It is integrated in the universal journal. & It can be used with period and/or cost of sales accounting. HANA / Sales Order Production order confirmation & Production order settlement  HANA / System -Incoming invoice & Purchase requisition
Intenal Order In the controlling area &In the order type // Integrated planning & Overall planning // The purchase order was entered…& The purchase order has NOT.. // You can plan multiple versions & You can enter costs and revenues
Oder Type Budget tolerance limits & Budgeting on cost element level // Allow Revenew Postings. & Define default parameters for master record fields. Period-End Assign several segments to a cycle & Define allocation for the same cost center in multiple segments Primary Cost Execution of the assessment cycles & Settlement of internal orders // Run an activity price calculation & Assign a cost component structure to the CO-version  // Business process price calculation & Cost center activity type price calculation Production Order  Settle the variances to CO-PA & Perform results analysis
Product Cost By marking the Relevance to Costing indicator in the operation & By marking the cost indicator in the control key assigned to the operation // Results Analysis (RA) key & Costing variant for preliminary costing // t is used when controlling by individual production lots or discrete quantities is needed.& It is used when full cost traceability is needed.  // It is used in conjunction with a product cost collector.& It is used when the focus of controlling is on a stable and continuous production process. Profitability Analysis Provide the company with information on the performance of its market segments& Allow the company to determine if the sales force achieved their contribution margin goals. // Revenue & Sales deductions // Cost of goods sold split by cost components & Value of conditions of pricing procedure
Profit Center Accounting  Sales deductions & Revenues Results Analysis Profit center& Profitability segment   Sales Order The sales order item is assigned to a project. & Profitability Analysis (CO-PA) is activated. // -Simplified inventory value determination & Combined quantity and value flow analysis
Settlement Define document management parameters. & Determine whether settlement is required. Standard Price Mark the cost estimate.& Release the cost estimate. Statistical Key Figures Cost centers & Profit centers  System 1-MRP group -> strategy group -> planning strategy -> requirements type && Strategy group -> planning strategy -> requirements type Time-Based Cost centers & Statistical key figures