Fiber: is 1filamento folding diameter very peke No relation to its long, contributing to the touch, the txtura d tlas. FILAMENTS: continuous strands are long, long indefinidina cn. sr puedn smooth or textured. FILAMNTO CNTINUO CABLE. is a rope or a beam d d thousands artificial fibers in torsion defined

Protein fibers: animal hair -> wool, secretion of the worm -> silk is made x number of amino acids are q n nature

WOOL: property: d capacity application conform to the body x dl heat and humidity, absorb moisture capcidad d n a d steam, water relencia flame retardant. KEMP coarse white fiber OPCA kebradiza qs d is n sheep skins . Production: only older animals are not removed d d 7 MSEs, s fine and soft clipping xq is 1. Classification and selection: are 2 operations which are grouped mdiante wool cn similar characteristics, judging the fineness and fleece long dl , d the fiber characteristics preferentially race sn: fineness, undulation, strength, length and elasticity .. The wool is colored yellow, that is caused by sunlight and heat, Virgin Wool: q d never been processed in any way . Legislation: correponde it to fleece the sheep d, d can come from different sources:-wool sheared (live sheep)-wool limed (d fur sheep meat d)-d reused live sheep wool – wool reprocessed (d recorts and waste d tlas new). Chemical composition and internal structure: it is called keratin 1proteina. Esteticas Prop: cpmstribuye to give volume and body to fabrics ls. Durability: lna d fibers are weak but the fabrics are very durabels, q is the result of the excellent elongation and flexibility, repenlente the constable. Prop reliance thereon cn l care: ENRIELTRADO: prop unique structure is based on fiber scales, Batanes is a process of finishing the tlas n d q wash the soap solution in 1 and squeeze concntrada between rollers d wood P / shrink the fabric and the tissue close x approach d threads. Conformacion d fabrics: pudn be heat formed x MDIO dl humedd d, l-iron clamps d excess fabric is cut. Acids: it provoked resistance to mineral acids sensitive to alkali (becomes amarrillenta, sticky and dissolves). Organic solvents: + resist to disolvnts p / wash n dry > Pollillas: x ellasy x is attacked other insects, temperature: tmpraturas high weakens and hardens cn easily burn, fire burns off very slow and s single, Baby: s not easy to mess w / dry wash is mjor, AVOID; bleach , agitation, alkalis, hot water, texas U.S. MOHAIR (angora goat, are vecesxaño Ekila 2) circular cross section, silk-like luster QUIVIUT älska (undercoat is almiscleño domesticated lamb dl) CASMERE (china mongolia tibert) varies d color dl white to gray. tibet mongolia CAMEL HAIR D insulating prop fibrs d mjor q other wool, llama and alpaca: pets are distinguished x gloss smoothness and finesse.

SEDA: Prop: touch dry, natural luster, + absorption humedd d, + fall, high resistecia. PRODUCTION: s cn butterfly starts sda d q dposita the eggs in papers prepared, when the worms ropem cn s alimntan leaves, dsp d us days are filled d likida silk and begin to spin their cocoons. the 2 d filamntos are surrounded by silk gum called sericin x 1sust. p / q obtner sacrifice their filamnto there are ants q cnviertan n butterfly cocoon is boiled l p / kill larvae and soften the sericin, Devanna boil dsp d p / develop 1medeja d thread. Est Physics: filamnto continuum. dianetro smooth irregular solid fiber, fine. Durability: is 1fibra fuert Careful: do not encogn not encusian cn facilidd (mjor wash n dry) rsistente to diluted acids and organic, sensitive to sunlight (yellow), the corrupted the sweat, it produces a crackling when s wrinkle

COTTON: Prop: durabilidd (medium resistance), low cost and convenience facilidd washing (prroduce tlas very pleasant to her Absorbance tactodebido q and dl is a good conductor of heat and electricity) are damaged cn acids, oxidized light cn solar is not thermoplastic Production: is a crop, the flower appears, apparent s, l bud begins to grow, dntro d c is the seed n s dnd fibers develop. when they are open and mature project outward balance sheets and fluffy fibers cm 1borla

LINO: liber is fiber d comes from a plant stem. Esteticas Prop: low resilience, thick and thin yarn soft luster low elasticity. Tranvs Sec: cn polygonal with rounded ends,> Durability: strong fiber, as resistant to rupture. Comfort: have a good recovery to moisture, has no static buildup is a good conductor of heat. Caution: resistant to alkalis and organic solvents at elevated temperatures tmb

Rami: d areas are grown in warm and humid climate. is very similar to flax. color: balnco pure, strong fiber, aumneta its strength when wet, silk-like luster, good WATERPROOF mold and other organisms. is rigid and brittle, lacks resilience and elasticity low

HEMP: no it was used w / prndas d vstir. high strength

Jute fiber cheap, are short fibers and kebradizas, low resistor to sunlight and color retention d is bad. is kebradizo, cracks and easily dsgarra cn.