AAC a music file format of higher quality than MP3.

Capacity is the amount of space (room available) to store files.

Decode a file is to return it to its original format.

Dock is a device that connects an MP3 player to a computer.

Gigabyte is a unit of memory of hard drive capacity.

MP3 is the standard format for digital audio files (encoding sound files)

Lithium-ion battery is battery (a power source) in cell phones

Text message is a short, written message that a person sends to and from a cell phone.

Voice activation is a feature of some cell phones a number by voice instead of by hand.

Voicemail is a feature that lets you listen or leave an electronic spoken message.

Call waiting is a feature of some cell phones. It alerts you that someone is calling while you are on the line with

Bluetooth is a wireless network that connects your phone with other devices.

Feed is a format that lets you easily read updated news.

Forum is a website where people can discuss topic.

Avatar is an image in a computer game that represents a person.

Blog is a website where a person writes posts.

Link is a word or words on a website or document.

Handle is a name that a person creates to access an account on a computer or website.

MMORPG is a type of online computer game in which many people interact with a virtual world.

Accuracy is a correct a GPS’s measurement. (the ability to measure correctly)

Cartography is the art (practice) of mapmaking.

Integrity is ability to perform consistently without error (or breaking)

Latitude is a location relative (north or south) of the Equator.

Longitude is a location relative (east or west) of the Prime Meridian.

Elevation is height above sea level.

Coordinates are groups of numbers that describe location expressed by numbers

Video subsystem part of the computer that presents (creates) the visuals

Processing speed is a measurement of how quickly a computer works.

Customize to change your individual needs and purposes.

CAD (Computer-Aided Design) use of a computer to design products.

CBT (Computer-Based Training) use of a computer to train employees.

DVD is a storage disc device as videos and images.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) a list of common questions with their answers.

Anchor is a word, phrase, or image that includes a hyperlink and.

Flash is a media format that can be used to add videos, and other media to a website.

Media player is used to media format add videos in a web page.

Multimedia is any type of media used on a webpage, including images and videos.

Open system is a system that can use many different types of machines.

Automation use of machines to perform tasks without human assistance.

Encoders are devices that convert (relays) mechanical data to a network.

Ethernet network is a high-speed network that links computers together.

Fault tolerant ability to continue functioning after an error.

Priority inversion a software problem that can lower production.

Message board is an online application that displays and organizes messages from users.

Dashboard is a display that shows recently used files and programs.

Toggle is to move (switch) from one file or setting to another.

Hacker is a person who illegally exploits hardware and software.

Host is a computer system that has a computer virus attached to it.

Overwriting virus a virus that copies its code over and destroys the files of the original data.

Piggyback to gain unauthorized access to a computer system by using the owner’s connection.

Resident extension an add-on makes a computer virus a part of the host computer’s OS.

Virus program file that installs without permission.

Anti-antivirus virus a virus that attacks anti-virus software.

Identity theft stealing another personal information is on the rise.

Malware is any type of malicious software.

Pharming a fake website to trick people fools many people.

Phishing tricking people into giving information through email.

Pretexting trick people into giving personal information over the phone.

Scanner is a device used to capture the information stored on credit cards.

Trojan horse appears to be beneficial but is actually malicious.

Worm is a type of malicious software that replicates through emails.

Backdoor part of a program giving undesired access.

Intruder is a person or program that access a computer without permission.

Keylogger is type of trojan virus that tracks what keystrokes are entered.

Patch is a code to fix errors (flaw) in a computer program.

Popup is unwanted advertisement on a web browser.

Protocol is a set of rules.