Migrant crisis: 1. A) Russia does not… both sides. B) New arrivals…Arctic climate. 2. A) F. Although Russia…both sides. B) F. With most of…beds. C) T. The number…in 2015. 3. A) quarters: barracks/ B)aspirants: seekers/C) preceding: former/ D) refuge: shelter. 4. 1:b/2:a/3:b Writing: The main difficulties and immigrant faces are: Getting a job, this is the biggest difficulty because the reason to emigrate is to obtain a better life than you had; Earn little because you are an immigrant, since some entrepreneurs take advantage of their financial need; Make friends, and more if you don’t speak the same language; Adapt, because the customs are different; And treatment, discrimination and being rejected, since many will face racism and aren’t accepted. Why are british kids so..: 1. A)planning fun…else. B)you can blame…the web. 2. A)F. Creating…activities. B)F. His response…wrong. C)T. Sure, you can…heppened. 3. Equilibrium:balance/mistake:fault/maintain:keep up with/arrange:plan. 4. 1:b/2:c/3:c. Writing: I don’t consider that I am addicted to technology, since I can be very well without it, since it’s not necessary in your day to day, although it’s very helpful if you use it well and not for games and social networks. For example, it’s very helpful when you need to search for something on the internet, information about something… But even if networks are useful, parents shouldn’t let children learn to use them as soon as possible, but at a consistent age, since social networks, in a way, aren’t good. Now that Zika..: 1. A)This virus could cause affected infants to be born with abnormally small heads. B) The authorities could advising them on measures they need to take to protect their own health and prevent bringing the disease back. 2. A)F. Health officials…areas. B)F. Says pregnant…tested. C)F. And given…more. 3. Eruptions:outbreaks/actions:measures/harmful:evil/expectant:pregnant. 4. 1:c/ 2:c/ 3:b. Writing: So far the authorities have ruled out that the Zika virus reaches Europe, because the cause of infection is the bite of a mosquito, the “Aedes aegypti”. It’s an insect that lives in tropical areas and that in cold countries, such as Europeans, hasn’t chance to survive. The virus is only transmitted through the mosquito, so there is no chance of one person transmitting it to another. But pregnant women can transfer it to the fetus if it is affected. Life in a refugee camp: 1. A) There are…tents. B) They connect…out of. 2. A)F. The average…children. B)F. Ali…will do it. C)T. The conditions…standards. 3. Outcome:result/regards:considers/fright:fear /escaping:fleeing. 4. 1:b/2:c/3:c. Writing: There are two major problems for refugees and the countries that receive them: On the one hand, the mobilization factor. Many people make their own “rafts” to escape and they don’t have the necessary safety measures and don’t withstand the weight of people and end up destroyed, causing the death of many people drowned in the middle of the ocean. Also, many people mobilize in trucks where conditions aren’t human beings and die suffocated. And the other problem is the countries that receive the refugees. The problem is that not all countries are willing to welcome refugees. Bilingual brains: 1. A) par 1. B) par 2. 2. A)T. It has been…do. B)T. Mental…exercise. C)F. Some…development. 3. Investigation:inquiry/proof:evidence/insanity:dementia /premise:hypothesis. 4. 1:a/2:b/3:b. Writing: In my opinion, the most important advantages of a multilingual education are: you have more communication with other people from other countries both orally and in written form, you have more culture because you know it by turning on your tongue, you also have a way of think more creative and sensitive. As for personality, you have the highest self-esteem because you can defend yourself without needing help from others. When it comes to work, it’s easier to be hired, as anyone who goes to buy could be taken care of speaking their language. And also, economically they pay better. Child poverty: 1. A) par ¼. B) par 2. 2. A)F. Encarni explains…fired. B)F. There were…members. C)T. Encarni wants…grows up. 3. Trash:junk/neediness:poverty/senile:elderly/made redundant:laid off. 4. 1:c/2:a/3:b. Writing: The main problems of unemployment of the young Spaniards are: the high cost of the university studies, therefore it’s very difficult to reconcile work and studies; The “discredit” of FP; Lack of knowledge and skills, the Spanish education system hasn’t adapted to the new environment that emerged during the crisis, it shows that students don’t learn the skills that companies demand; Pymes demand experienced people, not just graduates; Lack of aid to find work; And there aren’t enough internship periods. Do the instagram: 1. A)par1. B)par2. 2. A)F. But increasingly…in too. B)T. They’re not…stage set. C)T. And it works…achievable. 3. Motivates:encourages/ask for:demand/attains:reaches/ view:look. 4. 1:b/2:c/3:b. Writing: The advantages that have to be famous are that they have a lot of money, cars, luxury homes… They also travel to any part of the world when they want, they go out in media, in movies… and they have preference in many places. And the disadvantages are that the press chases them anywhere and invents gossip about them, not leaving them privacy, can be obsessive of some fans and can be the subject of kidnappers, thieves, or become victims of fraud… The rise of wearable: 1. A)par2. B)par3. 2. A)F. Wearable…phenomenon. B)F. Many of…life. C)T. This new…glasses. 3. Spot:locate/safe:secure /shadow:eclipse/control:monitor. 4. 1:b/2:c/3:b. Writing: I think that portable technology is a breakthrough because you do not always have a place to connect the cables. You can also use it in outdoor places, since these would not need to plug them into the current until the battery runs out. In addition, you should not be with the cables always on top, it would be enough with your laptop loaded. In my opinion, I think this invention has been very good, since a normal computer, you could not take it anywhere and the laptop if, and especially for the university you need it a lot. Research ship: 1. A) the impact..complex. B)For the arctic..less clear. 2. A)F. Arctic sea ice…september. B)F. The reasons…debated. C)T. This patrern…Antarctica. 3. Indeed:actually/force:strenght/effect:impact/decreasing:declining. 4. 1:c/2:b/3.b. Writing: Climate change is one of the greatest challenges that humanity must respond to in the coming years. Increase in temperatures, melting of glaciers, multiplication of droughts and floods: everything indicates that climate change has begun. The risks are immense for the planet and future generations, which forces us to act urgently. Since this global warming doesn’t put at risk only polar bears and glaciers, but also us, humans. The shortage of drinking water, hunger due to droughts and epidemics, make up the consensus forecast by most scientists, a scenario that begins to be seen through clear signals.