We can access newspapers. ALL THE ABOVE

Magazines price advertising space in their pages according to their CIRCULATION

__are ads that appear in magazines and take on the appearance of genuine editorial content. ADVERTORIALS

The first newspaper printed in the colonies lasted but one day. Its publisher, benjamin harris called it:  PUBLICK OCCURRENCES BOTH FOREIGN AND DOMESTICK

The book you bough (or should have bought) for this class is an example of which .. HIGHER EUCATION

Seventeenth-century one-page news sheets about events on the European continent, which were printed in English in Holland and imported into England by booksellers, were called: CORONATOS

The sale of a book, its contents, and its characters to filmmakers, paperback publishers, book clubs, and merchandise manufacturers is called the sale of its ________ rights. SUBSIDIARY

when an advertiser demands advanced knowledge of editorial content in order to assure itself that it is happy with the placement of the ad AD-PULL POLICY

the idea that relative story placement is one factor in ____, newspapers ability to influence not only what we think, but what we think about. AGENDA SETTING

seven out of 10 Americans under the age of 43 access newspaper content online. This is made possible to AN INCREASE IN DEVELOPMENT OF TECHNOLOGY SUCH AS E-READERS AND SMARTPHONES

Designed to help England to recoup the money lost waging the French and Indian war, the passage of the ________ in 1765 angered colonial printers, who correctly saw it as a limit on the right of free expression. STAMP ACT

The practice of newspapers making some or all of their online content available only to paying subscribers is known as a PAYWALL

Stories that help citizens make important decisions and keep up with important issues are known as HARD NEWS

The university alumni magazines that you will receive when you graduate is an example of ____ magazine. AN INDSUTRIAL, COMPANY OR SPONSORED

Processing the ability to read but being unwilling to do its characteristics. ALITERACY


The very first colonial magazines suffered because distribution was difficult as a result of: THE ABSENCE OF A WELL-ORGANIZED POSTAL SYSTEM.

In the first decades of the 20th century, Theodore Roosevelt coined the term __________ to describe writers who agitated for change by targeting powerful political and industrial people and institutions. MUCKRAKERS

Which of the following is a reason for which many books have been banned? ALL OF THE ABOVE

When books are digitally stored and once ordered instantly printed …POD

Which of the following is NOT among the problems faced by online magazines as they attempt to become profitable? WEB AND INTERNET USERS TEND TO BE UNSOPHISTICATED READERS.

books downloaded in electronic form from the internet to devices. EBOOK

Approximately what percentage of a daily newspaper… 65%

among the earliest newspapers were daily reports of the actions of the Roman Senate called… ACTA DIURNA

the first African-American newspaper was_____, published in 1827 by John B. Russwurum and the Reverend Samual Cornish  FREEDOM JOURNAL

A book is_______ when someone in authority…CENSORED

sensaional stories that do not serve the democratic function of journalism. SOFT NEWS

occurs when a magazine is provided at no cost to readers who meet a specific set of advertiser-attractive criteria. Free airline and hotel mags are examples. CONTROLLED CIRCULATION

Produced to look like a consumer magazine, a __________ is actually a mail-order catalog. MAGALOGUE

publishing houses, now increasingly part of larger conglomerates were once typically small operations, closely indentified with their authors and staffs, in other words, publishing has been largely a _____ industry COTTAGE

Overall, levels of newspaper circulation have____for many years, and the amoung of time people spend reading the newspaper has___.DECLINED ; FALLEN

Newspaper horoscopes, chess and bridge columns, editorial cartoons, and comics are all material provided by: SYNDICATES

Magazine content placed near an ad that is designed to reinforce the advertiser’s message (or at least not negate it) is called: COMPLEMENTARY COPY

are magazines sold by subscription and at newstands, bookstores, and other retail outlets CONSUMER MAGAZINES

In 1913, the 17th Amendment, mandating popular election of senators, was ratified. The drive for its passage was begun by a series of articles entitled “The Treason of the Senate,” appearing in which magazine?COSMOPOLITAN

single-sheet announcements or accounts of events imported from England and posted on walls in the American Colonies were called; BROADSIDES

the first 10 ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution are called; BILL OF RIGHTS

in response to radio and magazines’ challenge for advertising dollars, newspapers began consolidating into groups, known as _____. Hearst and Scripps among the most powerful, owning papers in different cities across the country. CHAINS

  1. In 1860, the Beadle brothers began selling popular action novels for 10 cents. These _____________ helped turn the book into a mass medium. DIME NOVELS
  2. ____________ are produced by companies specifically for their own employees, customers, and stockholders, or by clubs and associations specifically for their members. INDUSTRIAL COMPANY AND SPONSORED MAGAZINES
  3. The first book printed in the coloies in 1644 was THE WHOLE BOOKE OF PSALMS
  4. The 1798 _____________ made illegal the writing, publishing, or printing of “any false scandalous and malicious writing” about the president, Congress, or the federal government. ALIEN AND SEDITION ACTS
  6. ____Are special versions of a given issue of a magazine in which _____________ are special versions of a given issue of a magazine, in which editorial content and ads vary according to some specific demographic or regional grouping. SPLIT RUNS
  7. When you read Vogue, Sports Illustrated, or Wired, you’re reading __________ magazine. A CONSUMER
  8. When turn to books for information about how to better ourselves, such as how to learn .. habit specially because books are: AGENTS OF SOCIAL AND CULTURAL CHANGE
  9. Books that are produced for elementary and high schools are called: EL-HI
  10. The press guarantee of freedom as well as all peoples right to their speech is set out in which … to the US constitution. FIRST
  11. When newspaper circulation figures include readers who did not originally buy the papers they read, they are said to include ____ readership PASS-LONG
  12. The first true novel printed in the colonies was___ PAMELA