Sociology of her daily life

social bond and Social Psychology relationship poses a conception of individual bio-psycho-social, a subject that is socially and historically determined, as configured in an interplay that occurs woven ties and social relations. Individuals, groups, organizations, institutions are different ways in which the subject emerges as social.El thus conceived as a human being is constituted in a web link (family) that will form the basic structure of your internal group, and ahíen more, his life will be characterized by a constant interplay between the internal world-externo.Su possibility of learning and healthy development depends on the fluidity and dynamics of this interjuego.Consideramos healthy subjects, the extent to maintain a mutually transforming with reality.
From this view, the “action” is understood as a center in the development and configuration subjective.
Interaction group: The subject thus appears as a double character, as agent, actor interactional process, while also taking shape in the process, ie emerging and being determined by the relationships that constitute their concrete conditions of existence. Our reflection-that-school set as part of a definition of the subject as “subjects of necessity,” but the real focus of our analysis focuses on the internal contradiction inherent in this subject as a living being, the interplay between the emerging need of material exchange with the medium body and satisfying the need. That internal contradiction subject turns to the outside world in search of the source of gratification in relation to another subject. The need experienced as tension, forwards or reopen this interplay, as the subject promotes the realization of a set of material and symbolic operations, which is called behavior. Determined in a particular action, transforming, for the satisfaction of need. The action transforms, modifies the context, but also the protagonist of the action, then takes the condition of learning. Motivation and effective: it is envisaged that the interaction is not only a motivated process, and therefore directional sense, but which is also an efficient process, we refer to this phenomenon of internationalization and effect of the interaction, which sets the inner world of each subject, as fantasized reconstruction network link in which each subject emerges and which resolves the internal contradiction between the need and satisfacció from that efficiency

interaction, the ability to transform structurally the subject (since as stated by the internalization of the web link is set up and changes the subject’s inner world), we characterize the interactional process as a dialectic between the internalization sujetos.En reciprocal or intrasubject registration of interactional pattern, it is the link as such, just as it is, from the same organizing principle that web link or network is more complex than the group. P / Moscovici representation is based on social interaction. Is the development of a social object (socially relevant trigger a process of communication) by the comunidad.Debe be something to generate discussion, collective public communication, social relevance of objeto.No there is only one representation algo.Existe process by which the object (psychoanalysis) changes in representation as a result of two movements: 1. Are selected and removed aspects of the theory in its whole.2. These aspects are concretized in images, they bind to different senses or repres símbolos.Las soc. are built when there are changes in living conditions. There are social representations about any purpose. for it exists, must have different social representations and in some conflict with each other within the sociedad.Las representations are constructed by realidad.Grupo reflexive relation to social conditions, conditions of social representation culturales.Estructura = core : where are the most compact and homogeneous, which are common to the whole group reflection. It has a consensual basis. Adaptive function: If you change a peripheral element, it modifies the kernel .. Functions of social representations: to interpret an object to modify some aspects of life, there is an object that is interpreted. Lets make sense of the world. Make sense of the objectives with which I trabajando.Objetivación: realization of the abstract. The visualization of the invisible. Realization of the suffering abstracto.Transformación knowledge objects until they become part of social objects. The changes relate to the significance of objects – iconic Transformation: selection of information, of de-linked. The theory is impoverished when passing from the abstract to the concrete .- Personalization: figurative scheme, metaphor. The image comes to represent all teoría.Proceso Naturalization: something was strange becomes more familiar.