Sin título 1

BLUNT (reply/remark/refusal): Sincere, sb that says what he really thinks, even if this is impolite and will hurt or offend someone. (cortante)

BRASH: Annoyingly loud, overconfident and aggressive, arrogant. (Iudica)

CALCULATING: Sb that gets what he wants by careful and clever planning, without caring about anyone else. (unscrupulous) (Hitler)

  • SLY: dark side

CALLOUS: Cruel, heartless, evil, insensitive, wicked. (ruthless) (Hitler)

CANTANKEROUS: Bad-tempered and tend to argue with people about insignificant things. (arisco)

CHEERFUL: Happy and in a good mood

CURT: Abrupt, rude (blunt)

FICKLE: Not faithful or loyal to their friends (treacherous)

INQUISITIVE: Always trying to find out about other people´s lives, often by asking a lot of questions (metido). Interested in many different things and always trying to know more about them (children)

METICULOUS: Very careful about what they do, paying attention to small details and making sure that everything is correct or in order

PERSISTENT: Refuse to give up, despite difficulties or opposition

RECKLESS (driver): Sb that does dangerous things without thinking about the consequences or their actions, careless. (Chano, Charly Garcia)

RUTHLESS (decision/ tackle): Cruel, cold, no mercy (callous)

SQUEAMISH: Sb that does not light the sight of, and are usually upset by, unpleasant things such as blood or needles. Easily impressed, hiper-sensible (delicado)

SULLEN: Bad-tempered and does not speak much (antipático, hosco)

UNSRUPULOUS: Prepared to act in an immoral and dishonest way to get what he wants (calculating)

VOLATILE: Quick-tempered, lose their temper very quickly and easily (calentón)

WITHDRAWN: Quiet, introverted, shy, does not like talking to others

 AVID (reader/football fan/stamp collector): Very enthusiastic, passionate

BLATANT (lie/foul): Very obvious, done without shame or embarrassment. (descarado)

BREATHTAKING (view/scenery): Beautiful, surprising or impressive

GRIPPING (tale/film/book): Very exciting, catchy

HARROWING (film/tale): Shocking, traumatic, making you feel very upset (NOT for people)

LAX (attitude/regulations/safety measures/security/morals/discipline/laws): Not strict or not careful enough, flexible

LENIENT (parents/teachers/judge): Not strict, without authority

METEORIC (rise): Very sudden and very quick, fast

MISLEADING (information/advertisements/comments): Giving the wrong idea or impression

PIERCING (scream): Loud and high-pitched (for noises) (penetrating)

PROLIFIC (artist, composer, writer): Producing a large number of works (Da Vinci, Mozart, Beethoven, Shakespeare)

SPORADIC (fighting/shots/violence/outbreaks): Happening at irregular intervals, not frequent, segmented, every now and then

STAUNCH (supporter/friend/ally/Democrat): Very loyal

SWEEPING: Too general and therefore not valid and unfair (statements/ generalisations). Large and affecting everyone (changes/reforms)

WATERTIGHT (arguments/court case/alibi): Impossible to prove wrong or argue against, solid

DREARY (day/life/town/journey): Boring and depressing, gloomy (someone´s attitude)

DULL (afternoon/people/colour/weather): Boring, without life, excitement or colour

MUNDANE (job): Ordinary, boring, giving little satisfaction

TEDIOUS (journey/task/job/activity): Boring, and often frustrating

ATROCIOUS (film/mess/game/driver): Extremely bad

DREADFUL (weather/mistakes/acting): Very bad

LOUSY (day/hotel/teacher/singer): (informal) Very bad

FLAWLESS (complexion/performance): Perfect, with no faults or mistakes

IMPECCABLE (appearance/reputation/taste in clothes): Perfect, faultless

UNBLEMISHED (record/reputation/character/attendance): Sth that has not been spoilt or harmed

ARDUOUS (journey/task/chores): Tiring and involving a lot of effort

GRUELLING (schedule/day/test/race): Tiring and lasting a long time

STRENUOUS (activity/trip/effort/objection): Needing a lot of physical effort

BEDRAGGLED (people´s appearance): Untidy, dirty and wet

DISHEVELLED (clothes/hair/appearance/man): Untidy

SCRUFFY (pair of jeans/flat/boy): Untidy (for people/places), old and worn out (for clothes)

ASTUTE (politician/decision): Clever and understanding people and situations

CRAFTY (man/plan/look): Clever and good at using deception to achieve success

SHREWD (businessman/investment/eyes): Clever and showing good judgement of other people and situations

WILY (businessman/manoeuvring): Clever, experienced at deceiving people and not easily deceived (knows every trick)

CONVENTIONAL (people/opinions/ideas): Ordinary, normal, traditional

MAINSTREAM (beliefs/ideas/organisations/politics): Ordinary, conventional, neither strange nor extreme (ir por lo seguro)

MIDDLE-OF-THE-ROAD (ideas/beliefs/music): Ordinary, not, extreme, neutral

RUN-OF-THE-MILL (computer/supermarket): Ordinary, nothing special