1)They Taylors were Australian. What were they doing in Delhi?

Colonel Taylor was a diplomat for the Australian government.

2)Why was Colonel Taylor called ‘The Man Who Knows’?

The Taylors had many servants. Every time any of them did anything wrong, Colonel Taylor knew about it, although he wasn’t there at the time

3)What was the secret of the Colonel’s Den and how did Ram discover it?

There were tiny cameras, books about spying and secret papers in The Den. There were also lots of video tapes with the names of different people on them, including his servants and children. These tapes had been taken from hidden cameras in all the other rooms – Colonel Taylor had been spying on his servants. Ram discovered this because another servant, Jai, had broken into The Den to steal money while the Colonel was away.

4)Why did Colonel Taylor have to leave Delhi?

The Colonel had to leave Delhi because he had been discovered taking secret papers from a man called Jeevan Kumar, who worked at the Ministry of Defence

5)Who do you think phoned the inspector about Colonel Taylor and Jeevan Kumar?

It must have been Ram. He had practised speaking like an Australian.


1)What did Ram take with him when he left Delhi?

Ram took nearly all his salary from Colonel Taylor, fifty thousand rupees. He had spent two thousand rupees on clothes, his train ticket to Mumbai and a game for Salim. He also took some Australian Geographic magazines.

2)Where was his salary from the Taylors and why?

He kept his salary from the Taylors inside his trousers. This was because he had heard many stories about thieves on trains who took your luggage when you were asleep.

3)Who was the young man with the beard and what did he want?

He was a train robber with a gun who wanted everyone’s money, watches and jewellery.

4)‘Fifty thousand dreams had suddenly been taken from me.’ What did Ram mean?

Akshay told the robber about Ram’s fifty thousand rupees, which the robber took and put in his bag. Ram had been dreaming about how he would spend the money and now he had lost it.

5)What happened to the robber and his gun?

Ram shot and killed the robber with his own gun. Later, Ram threw the gun into a river.

6)Which is true? A) Eam wanted go to Mumbai, but he got on the wrong train. B) Ram was afraid to go to Mumbai. C) Ram had planned to go to Agra? LA B


1)Where did Ram live in Agra who helped him find the place?

He lived in a room in an outhouse of a big house called Swapna Palace. The house belonged to a rich woman called Swapna Devi. A boy called Shankar took Ram there.

2)Ram’s new friend had a problem, but he was not mentally disabled. Explain

Shankar spoke in a strange language of his own. But in his dreams, he spoke normally. He could draw very well too

3)Ram soon had a job. What did he do and how did he learn the things he needen to know for the job?

Ram worked as a Taj Mahal guide. He learnt all about the building by listening carefully to the English-speaking guides and trying to remember as much as he could.

4)Ram and Nita fell in love. But why could they not get married?

Ram and Nita could not get married because she was already engaged to a rich man who would pay her family forty thousand rupees when Nita married him. Ram didn’t have that money and they were afraid to run away together

5)Why did Ram ask Swapna Devi for forty thousand rupees?

Shankar got rabies and Ram was told that the treatment would cost forty thousand rupees. Ram had found out Swapna Devi’s secret – Shankar was her son. Swapna Devi was a very rich woman, so Ram asked her for the money to save her child’s life.

6)What happened to Shankar and what did Ram do as a result?

Shankar died in Ram’s room. Ram took the boy’s body to Swapna Devi and put it on the dining room table. He told her to pay for her son’s funeral.

7)Why was Nita in hospital?

Nita had been badly hurt by the rich man who wanted to marry her after she had told him that she wanted to marry Ram.

8)Why did Ram need forty thousand rupees for the second time?

Nita’s father was angry when he saw Ram at the hospital. He said that Ram would have to pay forty thousand rupees if he wanted to marry Nita.

9)How did he get the money?

Ram decided to steal the money from Swapna Devi. She had a safe in her room and Ram knew where the key was, so when she was out one night he went into her room and took 39,844 rupees from the safe. Added to the 156 rupees in his pocket, he then had the forty thousand rupees that he needed.

10)Why did Ram decide to go to Mumbai?

Because in the hospital, he saw a newspaper advertisement on the floor for the television show Who Will Win a Billion? There was a picture of a man holding money and an address in Mumbai. Ram decided to go there at once.

11)Why did Ram give money to the man in the hospital and what was he given in return?

The man was at the hospital because his son had rabies. He needed forty thousand rupees to save his son’s life. So Ram gave him the money. In return, the man gave Ram his business card. Later on, Ram would use the card to contact the man and get help with the next question on the quiz show.