Gallego 8

Portuguese narrative is characterized by a considerable increase in nomine of new writers. The lack of chronological remoteness makes it very complicated to nalise the whole literary production and its implications. The narrative finiscular will be characterized by the coexistence of two tendencies, one closely related to the type of literature that is done today, the literature known as literature kiosk. The other is closely related to our narrative tradition as it collects the influences, the native literature. Literature kiosk will have an important gap in our, and a literature agile and unpretentious aesthetic. Adscribense within this literature the genre police, corruption and death of Brigitte Bardot, Ambulance, Crime in Compostela, science fiction, reporting cosmic electric dreams, the romance of the west that inaguro Ferreiro Fernandez with the death of Frank Gonzalez, or the novel erotica with Adventure in NassauBenedict Iglesias. In the narrative the native range of genres and wider. Are many and varied lines that represent the continuity, realistic, historical, adventure, women’s intimate Asturica, mystery, horror, comedy, civil war, cunqueiro and experimentalist. The realist novel has much success in the narrative present and Galician are many works dedicated to portraying the reality of the moment. Is the case of death in Castrelo de Miño and Bakery, which reproduce the problems of econors and labor disputes. One of the thematic lines of higher fecundity in this step will be the historical novel. Many of the most prominent authors will write novels of historical nature as Freixanes, the triangle in the circle, Alfredo Conde, as will the Grifone in the wind, Dario Cabana, the king’s death, Xavier Alcala, and misfortunes. They are part of the works that make reference to war status, the novels of Fernandez Ferreiro,August 36, Xavier Alcala, fables, Manuel Rivas, the carpenter’s pencil. A very little trend and cultivated that kind of adventure during the end of the month, begins to have a greater presence, with works like Prison green, Alcala or Morning Star Miranda. We can talk dune in the narrative theme exclusively female. This theme works as fit against death and love, Marina Mayoral, Maria Amantia Queizán, Violeta Margarita Ledo. Overlap with the subject before, is the intimate romance, all those works that turn arredo feelings and concerns of the characters. This applies to the novels of José Carlos Leighton, the misery of loneliness. We also include this theme the works of Fernandez Ferreiro, open, Xavier Alcalá, Our gray,Alfredo Conde, Breixo, or Oca Martinez, escape.

Have a certain presence in the narrative present Galician other thematic lines as the Arthurian heir of the old medieval tradition. The kind of mystery, terror also has its presence in the Galician literary scene in works such as Suso de Toro, Thirteen chimes, Gargoyle Vila Sexto, Letters of winter. Humor is a constant in many stories of the twentieth century, especially as a formula to escape a traumatic and cruel reality. Background of this line are the works of Castelao or Vicente Risco. The footprint of works as School menciñeiros or People here and there to find the narrator very young, as the case of Roque Cameselle and its open pausito and other tales. Finally, the experimental narrative has its opening from the publication of the work of Suso de Toro, box disaster, and has continuity oas works Cid Fitted and Jaureguizar. It is characterized by openness to young Samthematic and technical habits beyond the traditional. Within this new trend could include what we know as Bravu literature, a new way of interpreting and living the reality of Sao Paulo and as the Chelan. In the last years of the 70th a group of writers known by the name of the generation of change vaille give new impetus to the novelistic Portuguese and will consolidate the process begun by the men of the new narrative. Is the case of Fernandez Ferreiro, Xavier Conde and Alfredo Alcala. In the first stands out as one of the authors that further explores thematic lines and more divergent, and author of the first novel of the Portuguese west, the death of Frabk Gonzalez. Alfredo Conde is given to know with works like Breixo, stands between his production work will have the Griffin in the wind that Amadou premium Nadal. The third of the authors is made known in the Galician literary scene with a work that offers a retrospective view of childhood and youth of his generation, our gray. The 80 can pass a new generation of writers known as the Generation of sports. Some reach a very important role in the literary scene as Galicianand the case of Manuel Rivas or Suso de Toro. This is characterized by cultivating what is known as realism feist, instead of making a positive report and bucolic society dedicase portraying the darkest part in his works and Polaroid Land Rover. Rivas author of several books of short stories, a million cows, and works narratives, as all good or pencil. In Oca Martinez highlight that explores the psychology of being human, always works as an escape. Freixanes author of three works of historical character. The last decade of the century represents the incorporation into the literary scene of authors such as Leighton, one of the new values of our narrative Amadou two of the most important awards of Sao Paulo, white love and Atlantic axis with the work Ebora. Also make aprte generation of the nineties as narrators Ramon Caride, electric dreams, or Marila Alexandre.