and also considered as a fundamental right, for whose attainment requires the involvement of all social and economic sectors, in addition to strict health and society in the planning have the right and duty to participate individually and collectively. “Therefore, health is: a value, a fundamental right, a duty of the individual and society, a positive concept and global vivir. a way, in this context, interventions must be placed on the Prevention of Drug Addiction .- in the same document Delgado, Pablo and Sanchez health education is described as the “training and educational activity which aims to increase health awareness and encourage individual responsibility in order to acquire the knowledge, attitudes and basic habits for the defense and promotion of health, taking responsibility for the decisions in their personal, family and social. Ie, health education can provide people with the encouragement and the capacity of both the adoption of healthy lifestyles and to act on those environmental factors that are desfavorables.-deepening a little more on prevention of drug inserts in the field of health education is necessary to underline the importance of this area of prevention, along with four others (geriatric care, social integration, risk reduction, and damage and information, training, research) are the pillars basic actions in dependence and other adicciones.-for Sanchez, Aguilar, Jimenez and Castanyer (1998) in substance abuse prevention ensures not completely stop the occurrence of drug-related situations, but it can contribute effectively to minimize it. And this makes necessary technical planning of preventive interventions, within structures that allow for continuity and stability of prevention programs at different levels: primary-prevention: in order to avoid the appearance of problema.-secondary prevention: attempting early detection of drug and immediate attention to potential implicaciones.-tertiary prevention: aimed at reducing the incidence and severity of problems associated with the consumption of these same drogas.-authors believe that in order to design and to prevent drug use, has to take into account the complexity of factors affecting this problem, so we define the risk factors as those that increase the likelihood of problematic or undesirable, ie, factors that may encourage such consumption (low self-esteem, lack of autonomy, unhealthy lifestyle, overprotection, imitation of the group), and protective factors that support or promote the full development of individual-oriented lifestyles, and serve as buffers against risk factors (skills and educational models, communication and social skills) .- is necessary to consider that preventive actions directed at achieving the following objectives: -1 reduce or mitigate the use and / or abuse of drogas.2-stimulate the involvement and public participation in the construction of a city saludable.3-contribute to the reduction of the risk-drogas.4 consumption affect specific groups with particular risk. 5-increasing ability of people to the decision-making and free-6implicar responsables. the population and the social partners in the prevention of drug abuse and addiction without substance.-7 Enhance protective factors of each community and minimize riesgo.-8apoyar factors, promote and coordinate community structures from preventive actions in different ámbitos.-9disminuir the number of youths using drugs abusively, especially alcohol and / or Tobacco.-10evitar sporadic consumers come to structure a drug, promoting responsible consumption, especially in the context of high riesgo.-11 delaying the age at first use of snuff, alcohol and drugs and substances peescritas and other activities adictivas.-prevention is, in short, any measure or action that tends to prevent drug use, and therefore the problems associated with it, or delay the onset when consumption can not be avoided, or to try that consumption is not structured in drogodependencia.-lyrical fascination with drugs is a expedimento for which we have all gone, but ultimately it is unproductive. Drunk, but not alimenta.José Ángel Mañas

41. Education in drug use. Health education. Importance of prevention in drug addiction.

According to Bautista Etcheberry and equipment (2004) the passage from childhood to adulthood is considered a critical stage of life, characterized by profound behavioral transitions in emotional, intellectual, sexual and social beings. In a complex society like ours, it is difficult to absorb so many changes without even having had time to develop their own personality .- as a result, this period will be characterized by insecurity, social skills deficits, lack of clear values, mixed feelings, etc, which will condition the individual and social behavior of children when faced with new social settings .- the starting consumption of addictive substances is in the 11-17 years throne, varying according to type of drug. The first contacts are usually with legal drugs, snuff and alcohol, to pass illicit drugs “soft”, hashish, and amphetamines maruhuana, and end by the “hard”, cocaine, heroin, designer drugs, etc.-this scale means that all teenagers who have just started eating drogas.-also must take into account other addictive activities such as gambling, internet, video games, food (obesity, anorexia, bulimia), exercise (vigorexia), compulsive buying, etc.-all these behaviors and previous activities share some factors that make a first approach (social, educational and peer group), these different personal characteristics are conducive to a strong bond and the role of the family to prevent or help to overcome development of which is very importante., among other objectives, seeks consumer education, “to reflect on the basic necessities vivir.-develop a critical attitude before publicitarios.-benefit messages and maximum respect for property possess individual and colectivos. fool-how to interpret labels and legends productos.-participate in the defense of the rights of consumidores., referring to education on drug use must be said that has different meanings: prevention, reduction drug to reduce the socioeconomic costs resulting from abuso.-the objective is to promote attitudes and behaviors that minimize damage from drug use, give the low chance of objectives based on the elimination of consumption, especially on those drugs socialmente. accepted education-drug use tends to raise the following objectives: “to provide information and knowledge about drug use and abuse.-Promoting behaviors and attitudes saludables.-promote positive alternatives for children and young fundamentalmente., ultimately, prevent from self-education involves training people with skills to solve problems, achieve the integral development for the same .- effective prevention will require that each and every one of the actors and sectors of the community are involved families, the educational community, parents, etc.-drug abuse has become a real health problem is therefore to join efforts to enable all people to gain an understanding of the factors that determine health, and as enhanced or modified, from the perspective of health promotion and prevention in drogodependencias.-to the United Nations (UN, 1980 ) treatment of the problem of drugs is most effective when used in the broader context of education for salud.-The WHO defines health as “a state of complete physical, mental and social, which is not only in the absence of disease “