Which type of barrier creates an expectation for customers to be able to get the same features or services for a product or service from competitors? Entry

Garbage-in-garbage-out is related to which quality attribute? Form

The objective of a _____ system is to ensure that the knowledge contained within the minds of the employees is available to that organization. Knowledge management

The authors discussed Michael Porter’s three strategies to beating the competition in any industry. Which of the following is not one of those three approaches? Customer loyalty

Today’s customers have which of the following characteristics? Higher expectations

A complete set of information about customer ages, gender, buying habits, and buying preferences is an example of intelligence

Which of the following statements is true with regards to switching costs? Switching costs are the financial and non-financial costs of switching to a new product or service

SAT…? Business intelligence

Having an audio quality attribute _____…Form

What is the difference between information and business intelligence (BI)? Information is about a specific situation; business intelligence is about internal and external conditions and how they will affect strategy

The list of all your purchases from Amazon (books bought, price paid, dates) would be considered to be: information

What is business intelligence or BI? Collective information about a business’ customers, competitors, partners, environment, and operations

For most companies, the Internet _____ the threat that new competitors will enter the market by _____ traditional barriers to entry.  increases, decreasing

difference between data and information? Data is unprocessed and will turn into information once it is processed attributes…? Validity

When your purchases are swiped over the bar-code reader at the point-of-sale terminals at WalMart, a _____ records the data. transaction processing system

What should you understand first when  the technology needs of your business? The industry in which your business operates

US, Europe, and Asia…? Virtual

What is differentiation in Porter’s strategy to surpassing the competition? Offering a product or service that is perceived as being “unique” in the marketplace

Customer relationship management (CRM) systems include which of the following functions? All of the above

What is the set of instructions that your computer needs to carry out a specific task? Software

Which type of system facilitates the automation and management of business processes?  Workflow

The goal of most businesses is to _____ its customers’ buying power. Reduce

The grade you earn for a specific course is an example of _____. Data

You are registering for the next semester at your university… Knowledge

Yang Yang? Switching costs

Which of the following would not be investigated when a business was analyzing competitive pressures? Internal operational capacity

The Internet has had which of the following impacts on the way you purchase your textbooks? The Internet increases your bargaining power.

Which of the following is the most direct consequence of work-flow software? Outsourcing

What is data? Raw facts that describe some phenomenon

Information has many attributes that help define its quality. Which of the following is not one of these attributes? Abundance

Which of the following statements best describes a technology-literate knowledge worker? A worker who knows how and when to apply technology

Having access to credible information is an example of the _____ quality attribute of information. Validity

If you were to develop a new text messaging system for college students that had a panic button so that, for instance, a message changed when a teacher were close by, how would you be enhancing your competitive strategy? Through focus

Which of the following systems primarily concentrates on the customer? CRM

Which of the following is the overarching function of management information systems? To create and sustain a competitive advantage

Which of the following statements successfully differentiates the term MIS from IT? IT is a component of MIS

If your team member brought information to your group that he/she obtained from a flash news story broadcasted over the Internet, what quality attribute should you be concerned about? Validity

According to Porter, when there are many alternative products or services to the ones your business provides, the _____ is high. Threat of substitute products or services

To minimize the threat of substitute products or services, some businesses will create switching costs. What is a switching cost?  Costs that make customers reluctant to switch to another project or service supplier

Porter’s Five Forces Model focuses on which of the following analytical steps to determine which technology to use? Assess your competition and the pressures facing them, your industry, and you

If you were to develop a text messaging system that was able to piggy back…? Through overall cost leadership

Your overall GPA is an example of _____.Information

Which type of system improves the performance of teams by supporting the sharing and flow of information? Collaborative

 To be successful in today’s competitive environment, what must a company have? Intellectual assets (data, information, business intelligence, and knowledge

The threat of competitors’ entering the automobile manufacturing industry is _____ because barriers to entry are so _____.low, high

After you understand your competition and its affects on your industry, what should you do next? Align your strategies, processes, and technology with your understanding of your industry

Should a business’ decisions about its technology drive its business strategy? No, business strategy should drive decisions about its technology

If you were visiting Disney World and you used its touch-screen monitors to locate a restaurant, what type of hardware device would you be using? Input and Output

——-is integration of economic socialcultural and ecological…? Globalization